Tuesday, August 18, 2015

So anyway ...

On the street ... The Sartorialist

Song for this post here.



  1. Hey, remember Moulty and the Barbarians -- "Are you a boy or are you a girl"?


    Moulty was a one-handed drummer who drummed with a hook.

  2. Wow...is that like for real? Boy/girl? Girl/boy? Ugly and unattractive. The beauty of man and woman is being chipped away. Why can we not appreciate the beauty of God's creation?

    A man as a man, beautiful and strong and dependable, full of honor and integrity. A woman as woman, lovely to look at, gentle in her demeanor yet strong of heart. Warm, inviting, fertile.

    What has happened to us? Who wants to live with the attitude that anything goes, you are what you wanna be, you can "do" whoever you want when you want, That nothing is wrong with anything unless you yourself think so.

    No wonder we are lost and will become even more so as the current agendas continue to be pushed.

    Just fummin today...

    1. I'm right there with you, Yaya. And, as I watched the video, I could not help but notice that the women, from the neck down at least, looks so much better. There wasn't an implant in the bunch. Seventeen years later, it's all about recreating ourselves. Crazy.

  3. Terry, I thought I looked very pretty that day!!!

    1. If you had a bit of a higher heel your calves would have looked more muscular. I also see a bit of a tummy - which is fine for women and achieving the debutante slouch - but you look a little hunched over - which always indicates low self-esteem in a guy. Again, a higher heel would have helped with posture.

    2. LOL...thank God I don't dress like a woman, I can hardly figure out what goes with what as a man (and that I would look like Jethrine.)

      That tummy does not come from slouching..it is earned honestly, though beer my friend....


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