Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday August 22, Feast of the Queenship of Our Lady and Nationwide Protest Against Planned Parenthood.

In St. Paul Minnesota:

St. Paul 
Planned Parenthood, 671 Vandalia Street (map)
When: This protest will be held Saturday, August 22, 2015 
Sponsor: Pro-Life Action MinistriesContact the local leader

Other locations in Minnesota and across the country here.

If you are unable to attend, pray, fast, or do some sort of penance, but pray.  Attend Mass and adoration, into the night, if possible.  Pray for an end to abortion, lobby and petition for the de-funding of Planned Parenthood, and please try to spread the news of the atrocities committed by the abortion industry.  The dissection of living newborns and the selling of body parts and 'tissue' for medical research is intolerable. 

Don't let these crimes continue to be assimilated into the culture, taken in stride, or denied and simply ignored.  These are living infants destroyed through abortion, including partial-birth abortion, as well as newborn infants, kept alive to harvest intact specimens.  We now have documentary evidence - the most recent example here.  


  1. We had about 200 people at the rally in Modesto, CA. I pray that there were others as successful and more so, elsewhere.

    1. In St Paul we had estimates between 1000 and 4500 people. The police estimated 1000 - I think it was more.


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