Thursday, August 20, 2015

Planned Parenthood documentary videos and serial killings.

The child in the womb, the newborn has no choice.

Don't abandon them.

The latest horror story of cutting through a newborn's face to access and remove the brain while the infant is still alive reminds me of FBI crime scene profiling accounts of how serial killers disfigure and dismember their victims.  The PP story here.

Please do not avoid these stories - do not let them go - do not shield yourself from the truth.  Please pray and sacrifice in reparation for these heinous crimes against babies and children.  Feel the pain - pray and do all in your power to remind people of what has been happening, and work to eliminate PP and the abortion industry.

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I'm in the middle of the monthly novena to the Infant Jesus, and yesterday I considered the mystery of the Holy Name of Jesus and His Circumcision.  Jesus suffered and shed His blood the first time when He was circumcised.  Through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in union with St. Joseph, I offer the merits of His most Precious Blood for the little ones who suffer the cruelty of abortion and infanticide.  Blood of Christ, pledge of eternal life, save us.


  1. Thank you, Terry for your advocacy for the unborn. God bless you.

    1. I can't get it out of my mind - and I hope I never do. I've been too passive all of these years.

    2. Forty Days for Life starts next month and I'll be standing outside the local clinic with some of the folks from my parish. I mention this because I'd like to address the charge that pro-life people (or, as we're now disparagingly called, "pro-birthers") are wild-eyed people who shout ugly things at women. For the record, I've never heard anyone say a single word of condemnation against those who seek an abortion. They simply want to save the life of the child and help the mother. To swat away another charge against pro-lifers -- a lot of us are also against capital punishment, torture, euthanasia and human trafficking. Ironically, I find it is pro-choice Catholics who can't adhere to the "seamless garment". I've asked several people, including one prominent Catholic columnist, to rethink their support of abortion rights in light of the seamless garment. To date, I've been met with silence.

      You are a good man.

    3. Thanks - you're a better man than me though - you have been working, laboring in the trenches for a long time.

      That said - there is an attitude of dismissal against 'pro-life' people by Catholics who see them as one issue fanatics or self-righteous right-wing-nuts, and so on. Continually pointing out their apparent lack of concern for other life issues as you point out. These recent revelations concerning the abortion industry should startle all of us to such a point that we do an about face and unite against it. Pro-choice is a lie - there is no choice for the child in the womb. It is the fundamental human right. Being 'contemplative' and ignoring this issue is a false spirituality. Being Catholic and comparing this issue to any other social problem or pacifist position seems to me to be anti-Christian.

      I can't take it in stride any longer.

      I get angry and need to pray more. Reparation is needed.

      I know women are victims as well - and they need our support - and the Church and good people like you go out of your way to help them. Yet I think of those who have multiple abortions, those who do it for sex selection, those who feel their career is inconvenienced. I have difficulty accepting the victim mentality when the life of the child is taken away so selfishly, so cruelly, so brutally.

      The stories of cutting through the face of a newborn are so horrific, it is like a horror film come to life, it is like the Nazi camps and medical experiments, it is like ISIS.

      I thank God for the correction of my conscience in this regard and pray others will experience the same.

      Penance, penance, penance. Prayer and penance.

    4. I should add - I used to think being "against it" was enough. It wasn't enough - and obviously, it's not enough. In my last post I write about how gay Catholics are repulsed by being told just being chaste is "not enough" - the Gospel isn't cheap grace - we are always unprofitable servants.

    5. I am trying to get out of that "I'm against it" attitude as well, Terry. All of these videos are causing me to re-think my lazy approach to defending life. That precious little baby is a lucky one. I read that story about the girl who was asked to extract the brain of the still alive baby. She had much to ponder and am glad she shared it with the rest of us as it has me thinking now too.

    6. Yeah. I'd say "I'm against it" know that it was killing a human life - but I would refer to "pro-lifers" as if they were some sort of cult or group of conservatives with a one track mind. When called out out on my 'attitude' or 'tone' I'd protest that "I'm pro-life, I'm against abortion" as if that was enough.

      I can't explain it - but it seems to me I was only giving lip service to the issue.

      I also recall going through stages of realization of what abortion is. I posted graphic images which bothered me only to be asked to remove them because they upset people - yet that was the only thing which shook me out of my apathy. Now with the PP videos - the real atrocities are in everyone's face and I can't let it go. Especially considering how mainstream media completely ignores the story!

      Just this week one of the big local stories was about a policeman abusing his canine partner - the cop was suspended - the dog taken away from him. If the gruesome details of how kids are aborted and dissected alive were about pets in a shelter, the entire world would be up in arms.

      I can't understand the apathy, the denial.

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    8. Just to clarify, by me posting, "that precious little baby is a lucky one" I meant the baby in the picture. I remembered today when I was much younger and more energetic, I used to take care of high-risk infants who were born between 20 weeks to 26 weeks.They fared better than babies who were born at eight months. Many were sent home after reaching at least five pounds. They were treated at home with oxygen lots of loving care and follow-up. I can't quite recall what else we did for them aside from medications and suctioning. They suffered from a common respiratory problem, Pulmonary Dysplasia. It was a catch twenty-two with these babies ... their lung tissue was too immature to handle much oxygen but at the same time, without the oxygen they could die despite the oxygen being a risk to the immature lung tissue.

      My point is when a baby is wanted, parents and hospital staff will go all out to save and nurture and help that baby survive no matter the cost and yet at the same time, an unwanted baby is aborted, dissected, and discarded in the trash bin as if its tiny little life had no meaning.

      How fickle we all are.

    9. An old story but timeless nevertheless. ^^

  2. Oh, I haven't been "in the trenches for a long time." I just started a year and half ago. I always prayed for the unborn, but I never did anything. Heck, I'm retired. No one can fire me for being pro-life. The worst flak I take is the occasional finger.

    1. A year and a half longer than me. I hope to be at a scheduled rally this Saturday AM.


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