Thursday, June 04, 2015

This is interesting: The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has appointed the Superior of the Society of St. Pius X, to be the first-instance trial judge in the case against an SSPX priest who is accused of a serious crime.

Bishop Fellay

Obviously, the Society of St. Pius X is not schismatic then.

Contrary to what some priests online, such as Fr. Paul Nicholson have said.

The SSPX is definitely Catholic - but irregular?  That's Canon-ese language I suppose.

Bishop Fellay announced it himself during the course of a sermon at Our Lady of the Angels church in Arcadia, California, on May 10, 2015: the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has appointed the Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), Bishop Bernard Fellay, as first-instance judge in a case involving a Lefebvrian priest. The former Holy Office is in charge of dealing with a number of “delicta graviora”. The one that pops up most frequently, is the one involving the sexual abuse of minors. Fellay presented this as an example of the “contradictions” in the Holy See’s approach to the Fraternity.
“We are labeled now as being irregular, at best. “Irregular” means you cannot do anything, and so for example they have prohibited us from saying Mass in the churches in Rome, for the Dominican sisters who had their pilgrimage in Rome in February. They say, “No, you cannot, because you are irregular”. And these people [who] say that, were people of [Pontifical Commission] Ecclesia Dei.” 
“Now, sometimes, unfortunately,” Bishop Fellay said, “also priests do silly things, and they need to be punished. And when it is very, very serious, we have to make recourse to Rome. So we do. And what does the Congregation of the Faith do? Well, they did appoint me as the judge for this case. So I was appointed by Rome, by the Congregation of the Faith, to make judgements, canonical Church judgements on some of our priests who belong to a non-existent Society for them (for Rome,Ed.). And so, once again, a beautiful contradiction indeed.” - ANDREA TORNIELLI

Sounds good to me.

Today, there's more good news on liturgical reform from Cardinal Sarah:
Pope Francis asked leading African Cardinal Robert Sarah “to continue the good work in the liturgy begun by Pope Benedict XVI” when he became Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments last November, he has revealed.
In his message to the Sara Liturgia USA Conference in New York, which began on Monday, the Guinean Cardinal said: “When the Holy Father, Pope Francis, asked me to accept the ministry of Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments, I asked: ‘Your Holiness, how do you want me to exercise this ministry? What do you want me to do as Prefect of this Congregation?’ The Holy Father’s reply was clear. ‘I want you to continue to implement the liturgical reform of the Second Vatican Council,’ he said, ‘and I want you to continue the good work in the liturgy begun by Pope Benedict XVI.’” - Catholic Herald

Works for me.

Hopefully this news will quiet some of the critics of Pope Francis.

I would like to see the liturgy restored.

Bonus:  I love this photo of ordinations for The Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest:


  1. It's difficult at times to know whether things are true or not when you've got people spouting things like these:

    1. If you're searching for truth, why are you reading

    2. I only found this site because I was looking up Things about other radical traditionalists closer to home. I'll admit Louie can be pretty much cast off as a schismatic but still he does make me wonder whether this is hutch politics at its finest, presenting a friendly image. We truly dont know the Pope's true feelings about the Latin Mass, staight from his mouth and a number of his actions and statements are contradictory about it

    3. I'd be careful about LV - pretty poisonous stuff there. His latest is really bordering on evil.

    4. I am sticking with our Holy Father and Cardinal Sarah on this one.

      May our Lord Jesus Christ watch over them.

      As far as Arcadia, CA goes, I live 10 minutes away. That church is simple looking and no one gets in unless you're a member. I remain hopeful we will be reconciled.

  2. True Terry, though he exposed a priest up my neck in the woods who has ties to Michael Voris, and was not supposed to have that relationship with MV, in order to have the bishop's approval for his missionary status as part of a deal.

    1. Guess just for me, while I know he's one step short of schism, it still has made me ask the question. I just don't want to be some blind patsy hanging onto every word the Pope says is ok with no thoughts as to motivation, reason, orthodoxy etc. That and I'm tired of Church politics.

    2. Have confidence and stay close to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. You are fine.

    3. Julian,

      Martin Mosebach said it best via Rorate Caeli. The key to understanding the pope and his strengths and weaknesses is that he has a Franciscan charism but a Petrine office. Historically there are tensions there. In fact, the Church has benefited throughout the centuries from the tensions between the Franciscan and Petrine charisms, but it is an awkward experiment when they are in one and the same person.

    4. Thanks Scott. That makes much more sense now.

  3. I mean, even if not a Pope, if he goes in like this he just might make it to Heaven after all ...?


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