Wednesday, June 03, 2015

St. Charles Lwanga and Companions.

Gay Catholics want patron saints?

You have them:  Martyrs who died rather than commit mortal sin.  As Fr. Z notes in his post, they were martyred by a sexually deviant King, a tribal Lord.  Fr. Z calls him a ritual pedophile.  I never considered it that way, and I think it is interesting in so far as we are reminded that the King and his pagan court believed in witchcraft - the ancient religion.  Interestingly, Black Africa continues to be plagued by witchcraft and superstition in some places.
A superstitious pagan, King Mwanga at first tolerated Christianity. Katikiro, a deputy in the court convinced the king that the Christians were dangerous, persuading him that if they refused to offer sacrifice, partake in the the activities the king desired, and if they would not massacre or make war, they would be no good for the kingdom, and if the kingdom became Catholic, it would destroy the country. - Source

"Charles Lwanga and companions died for their Faith and because they resisted the intrinsic evil of homosexual sex."
In 1879 the White Fathers were working successfully as missionaries in Uganda. They were, at first well received by King Mutesa.
Then there came a new pharaoh, as it were.
Mutesa died and his son, Mwanga, took over. He was a ritual pedophile.
Charles Lwanga, a 25 year old man who was a catechist, forcefully protected boys in his charge from the king’s sodomite advances.
The king had murdered an Anglican Bishop and tried to get his page, who was protected by Joseph Mukasa, later beheaded for his trouble. On the night of the martyrdom of Joseph Mukasa, Lwanga and other pages sought out the White Fathers for baptism. Some 100 catechumens were baptized.
A few months later, King Mwanga ordered all the pages to be questioned to find out if they were being catechized. 15 Christians 13 and 25 identified themselves. When the King asked them if they were willing to keep their faith, They answered in unison, “Until death!”
They were bound together and force marched for 2 days to Namugongo where they were to be burned at the stake. On the way, Matthias Kalemba, one of the eldest boys, exclaimed, “God will rescue me. But you will not see how he does it, because he will take my soul and leave you only my body.” He was cut to pieces and left him by the road. - Finish reading here.


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