Sunday, May 24, 2015

I think I should write some serious stuff.

If I write for readers the writing isn't worth anything.  It's a put on.

That's why most blogs are boring.  To me at least.

I've been reading Joseph Sciambra.

Some people think he's nuts - I don't.

He's lived a very 'gay' life - his experience was extreme.  He grew up in San Francisco - he chronicles his experience.  His spiritual experiences which led him to conversion may or may not be real to those who read them or read about them.  They may be metaphorical - they may be authentic.  Intense spiritual experiences are not uncommon for converts/penitents from extreme backgrounds.

Some writers online like to discount what Joe has to say, Melinda Selmys even suggested that maybe he wasn't really ever gay, while others say his experience is atypical for gay men.  They write him off and discredit him.  That's pretty hypocritical.  They deny the seamy, creepy side to homosexuality, not to mention the integrity of a man who left the gay scene behind.  There seems to be a sense of denial which underlies the Spiritual Friendship crowd, they offer an 'overly benign interpretation to the homosexual condition itself... going so far as to call it neutral, or even good.'

Sciambra doesn't do that - and that's why people don't like him.  He's probably the most honest writer online.

I like what he wrote recently - it really hits you right between the eyes.  I was thinking about it over night.  I think it maybe explains why gay marriage is so acceptable, and why Irish Catholics were led into apostasy.
[F]ar too many homosexuals trapped in the life have a plethora of straight friends and family members who give them unconditional love, never judge them, or question their initial entrance into the lifestyle; instead, they cooperate in a strange practice of “coming-out;” gushing and heralding loudly the gay person’s boundless bravery. 
After the hugs and kisses - none of those well-wishers follow that soul into the darkness of sexual perversity that awaits them; at 18, on my first day in the Castro, I was set upon by numerous men promising to “make a man out of me;” a new buddy my age, a rather naive Mid-Westerner, after a few months in San Francisco, was HIV+ and died the following year; in the 1990s, I only wore black - as a funeral seemed a daily occurrence; since then, little has changed - while gay men account for about only 2% of the US population, they make up well over half of all HIV infections; young gay men are most affected, with 93% of all infections in the age group 13-19 years resulting from homosexual sex. 
Yet, despite the gravity of the present, and the inherent dangers of the future, many with close friends and family members who are gay - choose to believe the lie, or to stay quiet. For the most part, they remain blissfully ignorant as they fear the truth; or, they deny the truth in order to remain within the circle of friendship and dysfunction. In silence and capitulation, the ties with the homosexual person are preserved, and the dysfunctional family continues to gather and celebrate various holidays and special occasions while the façade of normality perpetuates and bolsters the continuing entrapment within homosexuality. For, by collaborating and remaining dreamily complicit, you are making it extremely easy for the homosexual to stay in the lifestyle; in effect, you are contributing to the darkness; as the Light of Christ remains hidden from view. - Read more here.

I pray for Joseph Sciambra, that he perseveres and grows in holiness, that he stays honest and becomes the saint God wills him to be. 


  1. After reading this I had to do a search on Joseph Sciambra. I read a few of his posts and found him to be honest, loving, and kind. People today do not want to hear the truth and will reign down viciousness on anyone who proclaims it. I shall pray for him also.

    while others say his experience is atypical for gay men

    In my opinion, his experience is very typical. While I may not be "gay", I spent many, many years immersed in the the gay lifestyle by virtue of my employment. After my very best friend killed himself with a shotgun, I reassessed what I had been led to believe about living the homosexual lifestyle. All my other friends from those years have died of AIDS. I miss them all...

    1. Thanks Adrienne - he's been shortchanged by Catholics online, but he's been very consistent in writing about the really dark side of this stuff. Thanks for your comment.


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