Friday, May 29, 2015

Catholic men are arming themselves for battle...*

I actually knew that...

Behind the headlines and beneath the radar, a grassroots movement is growing among Catholic men in the United States. 

But much of the talk within the Catholic men’s ministry is militant. 

Some might see a danger in a new Catholic male militancy. Are these guys all gun-toting conservatives? Are they wild warriors for Jesus or old-fashioned male chauvinists?

The new Catholic men’s movement taps into a few key elements that makes men what they are. It connects with a guy’s innocent need to join a gang, a team, a regiment, a fraternity, or a club. It also connects with a man’s need to be on a mission from God.

Are they meathead jocks trying to flex spiritual muscle by engaging in “spiritual warfare”?

Such labels are laughable. I’ve spoken at men’s conferences, helped organize our own parish men’s group, joined the Knights of Columbus, and learned about the new apostolates.

Finally, the Catholic men’s movement connects with a deeper sense in our society that men and boys are neglected and underserved. Men have needs, too, and those needs are being met as the Catholic men’s movement continues to expand across America. -Fr. Longenecker

*Excerpts from another excellent essay written by Fr. Dwight Longenecker. Read the entire article here.

No more bullshit - man up!


  1. When I walk the streets, I do a set of fifty push-ups after each decade of the rosary. I also secretly hope that someone takes a swing at me. As we used to say on the streets, "Woo-hoo! I get to administer a freebie!"


  2. This movement is an antidote to altar girls. What?

  3. A year or so ago I met a guy at a party who showed me the rosary he always keeps in his pocket. The "beads" were all shell casings from handgun ammo. He talked about "Our Lady's Army" or something. I don't get it. I hope it's a metaphor.

    Am I crazy, or are there similarities between this Catholic ideology and how the majority of Muslims would describe jihad? Both seem to be summed up by "it's a martial metaphor for a spiritual struggle."

    All that being said, I applaud in general attempts to bring a little masculinity to Church life.


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