Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Three more days until ...

chocolate ...

fine chocolate ...


  1. Today I bought several fine chocolate bunnies, one for each of the grandkids and their parents. When I got home, I discovered the cashier had piled the heavy items on top of the bunnies, who were at the bottom of the bag with broken-off heads. Lent is full of small things to offer up.

  2. I like offering up things..I just ran my Ipad Mini through a whole wash cycle..and the first thing I started saying was "Jesus..." but I caught myself and realized that Christ gave his life, people are getting their heads chopped off and thrown off roofs and I offered it up..(especially since it was my fault..)

    Or it could be God telling me to quit posting to Abbey Roads...

  3. Yeah, my dream of a Martha Stewart-like tablescape has been ruined, but that's ok. Broken chocolate bunnies are sort of the ultimate first world problem. Ha.

    1. Just do as Martha would do...glue the bunnies together, act like nothing happened and label them "Picasso Bunnies!" to give that artistic flair!

      Actually, that is more like an Ina of her tablescapeing gays would do that and she would simply say, "Now wasnt that fun and easy!?!?!?"

  4. Were they solid bunnies or hollow?
    What brand?

  5. E- Lindt. Solid. Sigh.


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