Friday, April 03, 2015

Mass Chat: That was different. A Mandatum compromise ...

What happened where you went to Holy Thursday’s Mass, assuming, of course, that you went?
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  • To avoid controversy, Liturgical dance took place in the parking lot before Mass, solemnly culminating in a procession to the door of the Church, where the priest and servers took over, processing in.

The rite of washing of feet, or Mandatum, is an option in the Roman Rite.

  • After the Gospel, the pastor announced the washing of the feet would take place after Mass, downstairs in the dining hall.  Those who wished could participate, men and women were welcome, although the Prayer Warriors were asked to keep watch at the altar of repose.

Prayer Warriors.

The Mass I attended:
*involved everyone being invited to do something to someone else.

All are welcome!

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  1. You stole my post, you plagiarist!! Why...why...I'm telling Mom!!!

  2. The Mass of the Last Supper held a special meaning for me this year, Terry. I invited one of my brother's to attend Mass with me as he has started going back to Mass this year but not to any of the Holy Week Masses do I recall him ever attending.

    Anyway, we went and he told me right away he liked the Church and liked the numerous people arriving and greeting one another. As Mass started and before Fr. Eugene was to wash the feet of the 12 parishioners, my brother leaned over and whispered that he had "never realized before how all of the events that led to Jesus being crucified were tied into together. I knew the stories and about his crucifiction and resurrection but it just dawned on me now just what it means and how it all came about."

    I smiled at my brother and gave thanks to God our gracious and most merciful Heavenly Father. How good He is that as he teaches my brother and invites him to come back and embrace the faith, He also reminds me too not to forget, to always remember and to keep His sacrifice ever before me.

    I truly know that even now, in this tumultuous time of great upheaval and discord and disbelief...Our God Reigns!

    1. That's a cool story - how beautiful he saw the how it all tied together. Thanks for sharing that!


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