Thursday, April 16, 2015

No more making fun of the L.C.W.R. ... What are Catholic bloggers going to do now?

I know!
Vatican City, 16 April 2015 (VIS) - Officials of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (C.D.F.), Archbishop Peter Sartain and officers of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (L.C.W.R.) met April 16. Archbishop Sartain and L.C.W.R. officers presented a joint report (attached) on the implementation of the C.D.F. Doctrinal Assessment and Mandate of April 2012. The joint report outlines the manner in which the implementation of the Mandate has been accomplished. The Congregation accepted the joint report, marking the conclusion of the Doctrinal Assessment of L.C.W.R. Present for the April 16 meeting were His Eminence Gerhard Cardinal Muller, Archbishop Peter Sartain, Sr. Carol Zinn, S.S.J., Sr. Marcia Allen, C.S.J., Sr. Joan Marie Steadman, C.S.C., and Sr. Janet Mock, C.S.J., and other officials of CDF. - Vatican News
As Fr. Martin said:
[D]ialogue works. The process has involved extensive, and honest, exchanges of perspectives on matters involving faith and its practice, the roles of church leadership and religious life, hopes for the life of the Catholic church, and so on. As the Pope pointed out in the Synod on the Family, when these exchanges are carried on in a spirit of mutual respect, deeper understandings of differing perspectives can better be heard and appreciated. Both sides seemed to have genuinely heard the concerns of the other and tried to understand the context of those concerns. - America

Works for me.

Maybe go to Patheos now, huh?

From now on Abbey Roads is too.


  1. I truly hope they have reached an understanding for the greater good of God's people and His Church. I have seen some weird stuff from certain communities here in L.A. and I steer clear so as not to be influenced by them.

    I will try to remember to pray for this new door to remain open, faithful and fruitful for the benefit of all.

    1. I know - strange fruit here too. Pretty 'out there' - but I think the dialogue and checks and balance will continue quietly. I expect some of the communities will go extinct as they depart from the original charism - it's just a fact of spiritual life.

    2. Terry,

      You know as well as I do the "spin" from Catholic bloggers who dissect everything that Pope Francis does or says will not end just because the sisters have come to an accord with the Vatican.
      If anything, they will to continue to blog that he buckled, gave in, watered down, compromised the faith even moreso.

      If I am wrong...I gladly apologize if proven so. ;p

      I read this reply in response to the article written on CNA:

      "Translation: As long as they keep quiet about it, the Sisters can do whatever they want. Yay! Stupid old men."

      If that is a hint then we are not yet there. ^^

    3. They can say what they want - they won't make it better.

    4. I know. I am glad for the news though and pray God's will be done.

  2. It's about time Terry! ... that is, to the latter...

    1. I'm still worried about radon though.

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    3. You have a tough job and no one appreciates it - and I'm sure the sisters don't understand as one might expect then to - or at least they don't let on because they have their own private battles. Your work is universally under appreciated, I wish there was a way to change that. It's not wrong to blow off steam or complain either. The monsignor you consulted may or may not understand you, but surely he understands religious life and probably knows what you experience working in a religious house.

      It's really difficult to keep in mind, but it's important to try and understand your work in the mission of the religious women you work for is actually a very supernatural work - you are a coworker. Try to remember that when the going gets really tough, and ask for patience. Do the best you can. I'm hoping your salary is good and there are benefits such as healthcare and vacation time.

      I pray for you and with you. I know very well what it is like in religious houses and care facilities. The devil loves to agitate and point out the faults of others and get us worked up over such things - just or unjust, he likes to get us worked up.

      God bless you and give you great consolation.


    4. Consolata, my mom was in a place that wasn't run by nuns. Some staff wonderful, others...not so wonderful. You're doing important work. God and the saints appreciate you. So do I.

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    6. Consolata - I don't think you were saying anything uncharitable. I hope you feel God's peace.

      Later last night I thought of something regarding lay workers in religious institutions - esp. in orders where vocations are lacking. I think the lay worker is not unlike what used to be called a 'familiar' or 'donate' in religious/monastic communities. Today they are salaried workers and I think many, especially the service workers, can in good faith be considered to fill up what is lacking vocation-wise for the religious who seek to continue their good works and keep their facilities open. So in a sense, that is what you do and I think it is a real participation in their religious life, to the extent you 'donate' yourself. (Martin de Porres was like that for many years before he was a lay brother.)

      I guess what I'm trying to say is that your work is a real sacrifice, a close following of the Lord, not unlike the nun's work - you simply have the very 'last place' - like our Lord himself. So, have confidence, because the Lord surely blesses you for what you do.

  3. Ah ! Lord Forgive my uncharity ! Nan & Terry, thank you for your prayers, thoughts, and compassion !

  4. Oh Terry; thank you. you make me see this very differently. I have a few days off now and hope to draw, go for a bike ride, and appreciate Having a job: and also I very much appreciate your kindness here, your thoughtful considerations of many issues.
    It Has been very interesting to feel my ego at times 'rear up' at how dismissive people are to those who work 'on the bottom': and yet also often I feel very sheltered and hidden by the Lord. safe, if not from slings & arrows, then from anyone having great expectations, either, which can also be very hard.
    speaking of pbs (?) have you watched any of the new-ish 'jewel in the crown': such a masterful job: such...division and class hated expressed so well.

    1. I'm glad you didn't think I was being patronizing or anything like that - I certainly wasn't. I've had a lot of experience so I was just sharing what I learned - the hard way. LOL!

      I missed the Jewel in the Crown this time round.

      Let's keep praying for one another.


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