Monday, April 13, 2015

I'm watching Wolf Hall.

I'm not supposed to like it, but I do.

Even though it is a highly fictionalized account, it's interesting to watch - it reminds me of the state of church and politics today - and the interaction of some of the more popular characters within the Catholic blogosterium.  I never ever imagined Thomas Cromwell as a sympathetic character before this.

Last night's episode was a bit slow, but the acting is very good and the sets and costumes are excellent.  I'm always interested in looking at history from the bigoted, anti-Catholic POV.  Cromwell's criticism of the monasteries and his suggestion to a cleric that surely he must have a woman on the side is contemptuous.  The same invective is spread today as well.  I dislike the way St. Thomas More is portrayed, although the depiction seems to fit the profiles of a few of the staunch Catholics one encounters online.

Somehow, none of it matters to me right now.


  1. Now there's a metaphysical question for Monday. "What matters to me today?" After Mass we are going to get four of our granddaughters for the week -- now that matters to me and puts a smile on my face. Also...the bees are thinking about swarming and we need to outsmart them so we don't lose half the hive. Hmmmm...what strategy shall we use? I think that's enough for one day.

    1. You have a beautiful life! Enjoy the grandkids - they are fortunate to have you.

  2. ....I so admire the acting of Masterpiece that I can not quite stay away, and it Is difficult to see the portrayal of Catholicism: to see it being yet again perpetuated is a heart-breaker. Yet another couple of generations learning the slant, and not "the squint".
    that said....Mark Rylance is so astounding an actor - such subtle movements of his face that convey So much ! Damien Lewis....Band of Brothers, especially Forsyte Saga, now both long ago...
    ...The power of this medium ! We open our eyes and ears and critical thinking will, we think, be acting in us: and yet the power of each inflection, tone, flick of facial muscle exerts a message that creeps in....I think of this especially when I have the opportunity to see the national news vs. /fox, cnn et al: what an Orwellian battle. on the news it is a blunt tool.....
    I will not be able to talk about watching this show with my evangelical/protestant friends...

    1. Great insight - thanks Consolata.

  3. +JMJ+

    I generally don't like watching Historical dramas, however well done, because I already know how everything turns out, and watching the events unfold at a slower pace is like getting to know all the passengers who are about to get on a plane that I already know is going to crash and burn.

    Sometimes I want to grab some of the "characters" and scream in their faces: "Don't you know that your actions are going to snowball and that we are going to pay???"

    Then I remember that to someone else, we are the characters of history, who don't realise what tragedies we are paving the way for. =P And if someone from the future came to tell us, would we care?

    If I'm still watching at that point, I kick back, relax, and think that our zombie apocalypse isn't so bad as long as my reinforced entrances and exits hold and I have an endless supply of high-quality entertainment. Pure decadence . . .


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