Friday, March 20, 2015

Evidence may be stacking up against Medjugore.

From Deacon Kandra:
Sidestepping orders from the Vatican, Medjugorje “visionary” hosts “apparition” in private home in Missouri ...
Deacon Kandra links to the story from Te Deum Laudamus blog:
Ivan Dragicevic thumbs nose at CDF; holds public apparition in private home.
Diane calls it 'justification gymnastics' - read more here.  I think she hits the nail on the head with her commentary, especially the following:
It was a publicly held event, promoting the alleged apparitions of Medjugorje, in a private residence. That’s the only thing that is private – the house. 
If Ivan Dragičević has his ‘apparition’ in a room by himself, then that is truly private. There is no one around to be influenced in such a way that, “promotes the so-called visionaries of Medjugorje and in particular Mr. Ivan Dragičević.” But, there is nothing private about Ivan having an ‘apparition’ in a residence with 10, 25, 75 or 175 people watching – people he does not know, mind you. It’s simply a public event, or meeting, held at a private residence. It promoted the Medjugorje phenomena to everyone in attendance. - Finish here.
These mystical events seem to get stranger and stranger, the continuous justification by visionaries and locutionists and their defenders to circumvent authority seems especially problematic for any hope of approval from Church officials.  It just seems to add to the confusion faithful Catholics are experiencing in the Church these days.  

The Holy Father will be at the Shrine of Our Lady of Pompeii tomorrow, Saturday, March 21 - reminding us of true devotion to the Blessed Virgin, calling us to pray the Rosary and dedicate ourselves to the Mother of God.  Pray for the Holy Father.


  1. Speaking of visions, if I sound kooky in my latest post would you kindly say the word? I asked for input from two guys with the apostolate, but they're a bit distracted right now (one has a baby coming and the other is a die-hard Kentucky basketball fan). Thanks, Terry.

    This post will vanish in 1-2-3...

  2. If the Church is going to such trouble to stop something like this (and save some poor fools some money) it obviously does not recognize this particular visionary and is still researching the whole thing (though I have a feeling it has already made up its mind on the matter.) This guy reminds me of when my sister was having problems with her husband and she went through a kind of fanatical phase and would go to this bookstore that had all these weird books about apparations and sold really, really bad plastic statues, and she came home spouting weird stuff about the "7 Days of Darkness," (going so far as to implore me to have a plan to get to her house as soon as the warning comes...) and this woman who claimed to go frequently to Heaven and talk to the saints and there were real streets ,etc (what a loving brother I am that I sat through a video of that nut.) Luckily she dumped the loser and is now back to being a "normal," Catholic but it just makes me think that these people take advantage of other people who are desperately looking for help and answers.

    Medjugorie and the stuff that happened is Spain is just really, really creepy to me...(my opinion.)

    1. So you're not going to buy my book?

  3. Scott,

    I didn't know you had a book, I was commenting on Terry's story not your link.

    1. Ahh, you were being a jokester...funny and doing good work! Thought I had missed something on your website

      Also, just because I think some of that stuff is kooky doesn't mean everyone's experience is b.s. You are out doing good work in the street not trying to take anyone's cash. I wasnt out to insult you.

      I have a photo of a demony looking thing on my cell phone that I took in my brother's back yard....he had been having experiences there and I took pictures one night for the hell of it just to scare him...and freaked out when I actually got something...people think Im lying until I show things are "out there."

    2. So your sister-in-law is how you know about these things! LOL! Just kidding - I'm always surprised that you do know about so many spurious apparitions and stuff.

      I agree, stuff happens and there are signs.

      I'd love to see your cell phone photo.

      You mention Garabandal - I was sold on that at one time and never creeped out by the backward walking and stuff - but not too long ago I came across something about the copycat apparitions at Lourdes and some of that phenomena was present there - including backward walking.

      Although Michael Jackson did that too.

    3. No it is my "sister," who was crazed, but back to sanity now, its funny how getting rid of a loser does that to a person. My brother is a "confirmed bachelor," and that is all we know.

      If I could post the cell phone photo I would..its creepy a thing with a dog like head coming out of the ground surrounded by skulls!I know I sound nuts but I didnt believe my brother and I sent it to the producers of the "Dead Files," (I love me some Steve and Amy) and got a call back because of the photo...but since only my brother is the only one who had anything happen, and we werent concerned for our safety it wouldnt make a show...(in other words our haunting is too boring for TV..go figure!)

      I have to find the name of that "visionary." who went to heaven and walked the streets and only St. Catherine of Sienna had any jewels on...and demand the hour of my life back!

      Really, I didnt know there was something similar going on at Lourdes...its it supernatural or just crazy people. They seem to always involve young girls which reminds me of it some group hysteria that starts with them? The girls from Garabanal (at least some of them) don't remember anything about it..(yea, I like weird creepy stuff) I gotta go watch that video of them running backwards again!!!

    4. I've known so many people like your sister who went through all of that stuff. The photo from your brother's yard sounds really interesting and freaky.

      The things at Lourdes actually happened around the same time as Bernadette's authentic vision. It is probably both - supernatural and delusional people - and some want the revenue which comes along with these things.

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    1. Chispas! Let me try once more as the last post was "conjured up" with all sorts of weird fonts...

      Boggles the mind with what ease folks forget that our Lady was faithful to authority. Why not try to imitate her virtues instead of seeking someone out who moved from one venue to another in order to "host “apparition" in a private home?

      Sounds fake and conjured up.

      One does if our Lady would dishonor her Divine Son's authority granted to His Church here on earth.

      Just sayin...

  5. It's amazing how "Our Lady of Medjugorje" is on call for the visionaries. Put your nickle in the jukebox and the Blessed Mother starts blathering on and on and on. For the lady who "pondered in her heart" she sure has been spewing out the messages on call for years at Medj.

  6. Keeping in mind that I wasn't raised in the Church, I spent time in Yugoslavia before they broke up and had opportunities to go to Medjugorje during the first few years of the alleged apparitions. While I was fine going to Mass at Bled and fine singing in a church choir in Ljubljana, there was no way, no how that I was going to Medj. because it creeped me out which didn't seem like a sign of the divine.

    Since then, I have become a practicing Catholic (I was always Catholic, just wasn't taken to Mass after age 7) and been confirmed. All I need to know about the truth of Medj is that at Cana, Mary said "Do whatever He tells you" but the alleged apparition of Medj has denounced the bishop, who stands in His place. I'm not a visions expert but I think when St Bernadette complained at having been told not to return to the Grotto, Mary said to obey - I don't remember if it was the parish priest or the bishop who told her but the point is, it was someone with appropriate authority and Mary counseled obedience where this alleged apparition doesn't.

  7. Whether the seer is disobedient or not doesn’t negate the validity of Mary’s apparitions at Medjugorje.

    As a child I was disobedient to my mother. But that didn’t that stop my mother coming and talking with me.

    I don’t know of any person who is perfect when it comes to keeping God’s commandments. (Do whatever he tells you).

    When we sin then we are disobedient to God’s commandments.

    It’s seems strange to me that so many expect ‘visionaries’ and so-called ‘seers’ to be perfect just because they receive apparitions.

    We receive Jesus Christ in the Eucharist at Mass but quite capable of being disobedient soon after.

    As for the Blessed Mother blathering on and on and on, what’s the problem with that?

    I would be concerned when the mother stops talking to her children.

    My mother died nine years ago. She would call me most nights. I miss her voice, her conversation, and even her ‘blathering’.

    Even bloggers blather, myself included. :)

  8. Megaforgery. That is all.

  9. Mega Mercy! :)

  10. I think that FB blurb from Medjugorje is surprisingly honest: "Ivan consoled 75 people by having his apparition in a private home."

    "Ivan consoled," "his apparition" ... sounds about right.


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