Sunday, March 15, 2015

Dolce and Gabanna are against it!

“The only family is the traditional one.”

I love the Italians.  I love the Dolce and Gabannas and Zeffirellis and Tondellis of Italy!  They are so Catholic.  The Italians know how to sin and they do it passionately - they also know how to repent and live devoutly.  They are baptized and confirmed, they go to Mass; they have affairs, they sin, they repent, they go to confession; they become saints.  I like that.  I love that.  That's Catholic.  But I digress and carry on....  pay no attention to me.

D&G 2013 line.

At First Things, Matthew Schmitz did a short article on Dolce and Gabanna coming out in defense of traditional marriage.  I've noted signs of Catholic devotion in the D&G line for several years:  Beckham accessorized in the D&G Rosary beads for an ad, the Crowned Madonna ensemble clearly shows their devotion for the crowned Madonnas of Italy, and the icon and religiously embellished couture is evocative of the Byzantine treasures of Ravenna.  All deeply religious motifs, impeccably executed.  No doubt about their heritage.

Beckham's St. Sebastian

In an interview with Panorama magazine, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, the two men whose business partnership—and one-time romantic partnership—lies behind one of the world's great fashion powerhouses, have declared that “The only family is the traditional one.”
“The family is not a fad,” Gabbana told the interviewer. “In it there is a supernatural sense of belonging.” 
Procreation “must be an act of love.” Children born through artificial insemination or egg donors are “children of chemistry, synthetic children. Uteruses for rent, semen chosen from a catalog,” Dolce said.
“The only family is the traditional one. No chemical offsprings and rented uterus: life has a natural flow; there are things that should not be changed.”
Domenico and Stefano were for years perhaps the globe's most prominent gay power couple. In the tightly knit, family-based, quasi-aristocratic world of Italian fashion, these two men came from nowhere to make a name for themselves that the whole world would recognize. In a 2005 New Yorkerarticle, John Seabrook marveled at their success:
Unlike the Guccis, Pradas, Puccis, Zegnas, Ferragamos, and Fendis, Dolce and Gabbana do not come from families with long pedigrees in the production and sale of luxury goods. . . . They began as outsiders, with their noses pressed to the windows of the fashion world. Their business and their distinctive style are based not so much on family history and artisanal traditions as on their relationship with each other. And the only reason that Dolce and Gabbana are creative and business partners at all is that they were romantic partners first. - Finish reading here.

Sadly, Italy's gay mafia is calling for a boycott as a result.
Already the new interview has prompted opposition, with the website LGBT News Italia calling for a boycott like the one launched against Barilla pasta after its chairman made similar comments. - First Things
I'm against it.  Boycotts and gay marriage and adoption.

Sort of an Empress Theodora inspiration:
After San Vitale of Ravenna

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  1. Said the two old queens who use the rosary in homoerotic ad starring a hyper cut Becham! A generation of guys blowing strangers..feeling guilty going to confession wash rince could anyone have a normal relationship when you have that..guilt and sex.

    And a better option would of course be foster homes for those kids?

    Happy Sunday Terry!

    1. haha! That was mean. Anyway.

  2. Even though they're sinners like the rest of us, they don't demand special snowflake treatment. That, they get for being diva designers.

  3. I miss being a clothes horse, but I would feel guilty if I bought new Zegna shirts, Vestmenta pants, etc. Fortunately, the old clothes still fit! Even more fortunately, my daughter is a clothes horse so I get to live through her. Incidentally, D & G's line for women was always better than their men's line.

    1. Pricey. I used to wear Zegna cologne.

  4. Elton John is all for the boycott tweeting: “Your archaic thinking is out of step with the times, just like your fashions. I shall never wear Dolce and Gabbana ever again. #BoycottDolceGabbana.”

    Elton John, who claims to admire the pope obviously doesn't know what the Catholic Church teaches and that the Pope stands behind that same teaching Dolce and Gabanna came out in support of. Elton John may be in step with the times but he is clearly out of step with the Pope and the Church.

  5. "Admire the pope" means he likes his minimalist wardrobe his easily approachable manner. Has nothing to do with whether EJ knows church teaching or cares about it. It's still a bit trendy to admire the pope. Plus, if they go to the same party, EJ knows Papa won't be wearing the same diva look, where with BXVI, he might've been overlooked.

  6. Zegna??? What the hell are you guys talking about? Sadly even straight guys dress better then I do..

    Elton let's just throw those three queens in a ring and see who walks out..kind of a gay Thunderdome!

  7. I am in to support DG all the way. They tossed their fine tailored selves against the grain and have earned my respect as a result. I will buy a nice pair of shoes from them and throw in a handbag while at it.

    Viva DG!


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