Friday, February 27, 2015

Turkish Border Closed to Syrian Christians. Who will help?

"Look! Don’t you see many roads, paths and fields full of people 
crying of hunger, not having anything to eat?
 . . . And the Holy Father in a Church praying next to the Heart of Mary?"
- Bl. Jacinta Marto
.- The number of ISIS hostages in Syria has increased to at least 250 after continued attacks on Christian villages, and civilians fleeing to the Turkish border have been stranded when not allowed to cross.

“There are 200 families who were running away and trying to escape to Turkey, but the border is closed for Syrians. No Syrian can cross into Turkey,” Archbishop Jacques Behnan Hindo told CNA Feb. 26.

Archbishop Hindo oversees the Syrian archdiocese of Hassake, which is located in the Al-Hasakah region of Syria. The region sits between the country’s borders with both Turkey and Iraq.

He spoke to CNA in French over the phone with a patchy connection from his diocese in Syria, where internet is currently down, saying that ISIS has continued its assault in the area, raising the number of hostages to more than 250 after an estimated 90 were kidnapped during attacks earlier this week. - Elise Harris, CNA

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  1. I have been thinking of that fat harlot I told you about long ago, Terry. She is complacent, comfortable and lulling herself into a stupor from which she refuses to wake except to stuff herself with rich foods and rare wines.

    I am wondering why...why are some spared and why are some slaughtered? We in the West are comfortable. We can have whatever we want, when we want. I am not complaining but it makes me wonder as to why? The pure of heart, the simple, the poor...all being slaughtered yet they are richer than me.

    They are dying with the name of Christ on their lips.

    May I not forget..."to those to whom much has been given, much will be asked of."

    Whatever that means, I hope to be prepared to answer. I hope we all will be.


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