Wednesday, February 25, 2015

On The Sign of Jonah

"Jesus speaks to us usually from the pulpits, from the altars; in our conversations, in our affairs and recreations; and yet we do not sufficiently esteem his words or inspirations." 
 - Fr. Nicolas Caussin, S.J.
I found a great meditation on the seeking of signs.

It is a very ill sign when we desire signs to make us believe in God. The signs which we demand to fortify our faith are often marks of our infidelity. There is not a more dangerous plague in the events of worldly affairs than to deal with the devils or to play with predictions. All these things fill men with more faults than knowledge. For divine oracles have more need to be reverenced than interpreted. He that will find God must seek him with simplicity and possess him with piety. Fr. Nicolas Caussin, S.J., posted by New Catholic*
I wanted to post this because I have read several 'new' prophecies and locutions floating around the Internet, supposedly decoding the dire events we are witnessing these days.  We have to be careful that in our confusion we are not misled by false visionaries and locutionists.

Praying very much for the exiled Christians in Iraq and Syria - most especially those Syrian Christians abducted this past week - and for all in Libya, Egypt, Nigeria and elsewhere suffering under the Islamic Jihadists.

ISIS blew up tomb of Prophet Jonah, 7/24/14.

*I like very much the spirituality of New Catholic and find many of his posts edifying and instructive. 


  1. I see plenty of signs that God loves us each day - Confession, Mass and Adoration all around my city. People who arrange their day so they can take advantages of these signs. Images of the Crucifix, our reminder that He sent His only begotten son to be crucified for the remission of our sins.

    What? Not spectacular enough?

  2. Hum...strange...lost my post after logging in. Here it is again. Please delete if two show up and thanks.

    Hi Terry,

    I unite my prayers to yours in the hopes that those taken captive will be released unharmed. I also remember to pray for those who are forgotten and not mentioned like those womenfolk from the Yazidi tribes who were kidnapped last year and are said to have been sold as sex slaves, battered off as wives to those ISIS thugs and then the women who "served their purpose" and were then killed.

    I saw your commentary about homosexuals being thrown off from the rooftops. Is that for real? I ask because I got to thinking about Morocco. If ISIS takes that country, well, they will really have a killing spree on their hands and from the rooftops too.

    Anyway, prayers, prayers and more prayers.

    Signs...I take delight in the smallest of them. The little weeds that produce bright flowers. The song of the little bird. The way the bees circle the flowers as they seek some nectar. The way my cat looks at me as I pet her. The silence that God allows in order to be heard.

    Jonah! Please pray for your people of the Nineveh Plain. Amen


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