Monday, February 23, 2015

Lesley Gore, RIP


Last week I skipped posting on the death of a pop-singer-songwriter from a long time ago - when I was really, really little - for reasons I can't recall now.

Lesley Gore 68, died last week, February 16.  I wasn't a huge fan really - I just remember her on Bandstand and knew she was in High School when she came to fame for "It's My Party" and "You Don't Own Me" - and I kind of had a crush on her.  (I sort of dumped Annette Funicello for her.)  I also thought she was Catholic - but found out now that she wasn't.  I lost interest in her when Motown got big, and as the saying goes, once you go black ... you never go back.

Which means I actually under rated Gore.  Why do I say that?  Because she wrote the very great, albeit under appreciated song: "Love Me By Name".  Patti Austin covered it best - song here.

Lesley Gore was a fine singer, songwriter and actress - under appreciated by many, I'm sure.  RIP.


  1. Being 16 and thinking you know all about boys and love and whatnot...then breaking up, crying your eyes out and "shining them on" was fun too. (sorta)
    Then you get angry and you sing your heart out along with Leslie Gore..."You Don't Own me!"

    I thought I had my "boy" bases covered...boy was I wrong. ;p

    RIP dear Leslie.

    1. That song was used in the film First Wives Club too.


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