Thursday, February 05, 2015

Fr. Z has a lot of hits.

I was just reading a post on Fr. Z's blog and noticed his site meter moving.  I watched it for awhile and it was continuously moving, almost faster than a racer's mileage calculator - I didn't time it - but it looked as if he was getting 2 to 4 hits a second.  If he only got 1 hit a second, he could be getting 86400 hits in a 24 hour period.  If he got .05 cents for every hit .. he could make $4320.00 a day.  That's better than his $5000.00 a month.

Fr. Z has to be the most famous priest blogger in the world.


  1. So what?

    Seriously - so what?

    I don't get why people care about this stuff.

    1. Calm down. This wasn't a criticism - just an observation. He has a lot of traffic and I commented on it.

  2. I'm totally calm. But why do people care about other people's traffic and stuff? This isn't even the real world. Weird.


    Go ahead and spend your time monitoring other people's statcounters. Whatever cranks your tractor,dude.

    Sheesh. Really.

    Whatever this is, it's not the fruit we're to know Christ's followers by.

    So over it.

    You're the holiest ever, and all your commenters and you are going straight to sit at the right hand of God.


    Done with this bullshit ;.

    1. Bye. You'll be better off.

    2. "and all your commentators and you are going straight to sit at the right hand of God"

      One commendable aspect of your blog is that there's quite a range of amiable disagreement in the comment section. In fact, every kind of Catholic seems represented.

      Fr. Z is definitely the most famous priest-blogger in the world, in part because English is the lingua franca. But his example shows that Catholicism + guns + gourmet food + a dash of rightwing paranoia = megahits. I'd have to blog for 1600 years to match his 40 million hits. LOL

    3. Haha! And yet some people are so sensitive.

      Actually I was surprised to see his sitemeter ticking away like that. It is quite impressive the amount of people he reaches. The Vatican is certainly aware of his work. Simply for the sheer amount of hits, he must be acknowledged as a legitimate voice for all things Catholic - it's amazing for a single person - a priest - to attract such an audience without promotion from outside sponsors or endorsements.

    4. And your little dog too.


    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I was talking to a priest last summer who is getting his doctorate in Rome, and he mentioned meeting Father Z while he was there. He was not really aware of Father Z, and was surprised to find that all he does is blog. Father Z's home diocese is actually in Italy, and he is not assigned to any church but just goes where and when he wants. The priest I was talking to thought he could at least do some serious writing rather than just blog.

    I have to say that at one time I was a pretty loyal follow of Father Z, but he turned me off when he attacked me and called me a Donatist for not supporting Newt Gingrich in the 2012 campaign. You can see it here. I'm "Brooklyn."

    1. I'm also surprised there is no serious scholarship from him outside of journals. No publications of note. I know a priest/monk from Rome who when he lived there and was just beginning to blog, was cautioned to avoid a certain priest known to be a gossip in Rome.

      Fr. Z's success as a blogger is remarkable, nonetheless.


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