Thursday, January 01, 2015

On the Eighth Day of Christmas: Oh! Wait! It's the Octave.

The Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God.

Catholics have many obligations, don't they?  One just can't have Christmas and be done with it, can they.  Not a question ...

Perhaps one day they'll be able to transfer it to Sunday.


Or, why I would never transition over to Patheos.


  1. Downton Abbey is already on Sunday and your staff will have everything ready; all you have to do is go to the library after dinner where the housemaids will have dusted the tv, the footman will have turned it on and to the proper channel and will await your instructions regarding more champagne and changing the channel.


  2. In my household, there is Christmas Eve (Italian Fish Dinner with at least seven fish/seafood courses, a more labor-intensive meal than Thanksgiving) + Christmas + Anniversary of dear Mother-in-Law's death + (this year concurrent with Feast of the Holy Family) + Eldest One's birthday + New Year's Eve + New Year's/Feast of the Blessed Mother + Epiphany + Elvis's Birthday. Yeah. You think you have a lot to cover....
    On another matter, do you have any news at all about the Ethiopians? Hope they are having a blessed Christmas season, wherever they are now. And you, too, Terry.

    1. Christmas Eve dinner sounds yummy!

      The Ethiopians moved to another, larger church downtown. Their Christmas is January 7. I'm not sure if I will visit or not. I miss them.

      Thanks for asking. Merry Christmas!


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