Friday, January 02, 2015

Oh yeah? Get this: 18 Things Twenty-somethings Want You to Know ...

He says he can ...

Why that filthy-twenty-something-little Catholic son of a %*!#@< ... JUST KIDDING!  

Actually he is though.  He's Catholic and gay.  People can be that.  I think it is easier just to be Catholic myself, but c'est la vie.

It's a cool list really - I came across it on a Jesuit site here - but you can read the other 18 Things here.

I have to get to my therapist now.  What?  JUST KIDDING! (Although the guy in the photo probably won't ever need a therapist because he has nothing to hide.)

[I was twenty-something once.]


  1. As Terry likes to say, "You don't know of what spirit you are."

    1. Hopefully. When I looked at the Buzzfeed post I thought that the core of the Church in 50 years will not be those who pretend they're catholic will shacking up with the whore of Babylon, but rather those who pursue the whore unreservedly and then get pulled from the fire. The once-great sinners and then the small number who basically remain on the narrow way (thanks to great parents/parishes/grace) will be the future. At some point the big tent/lukewarm catholic experiment will implode, just like the Jesuit order since 1970.

    2. I think he is honest and has made progress in self-knowledge - that is good. And he is Catholic, no matter what.

    3. Sorry - changed my comment - but hopefully errors and consciences will be corrected.

    4. Oh - and think back to your twenties - what you thought you knew and who you imagined yourself to be. :)

    5. When I read some of the Buzzfeed entries I thought of the First Letter of John 1:6. ""If we say we have fellowship with him while we walk in darkness, we lie and do not live according to the truth."

      When I was in my 20s I thought I was a mix of the smartest guy in the room, a bad ass and a sex machine. I got two out of three right. Read my conversion story to see which one I got wrong.


    6. My conversion and return to the Church and sacraments happened in my early 20's...

    7. You were a pretty remarkable case, and I pray we have many more like you. It would have been awesome to have done the pilgrimages with you back in the day, worked in the AIDS hospice. Yeah, I know you were a loner--get over yourself! ;-)

      I am grateful to have met through the apostolate two remarkable Catholic men who share a passion and radicalness for the faith. There's nothing better than genuine Christian friends.


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