Wednesday, December 31, 2014

On the Seventh Day of Christmas: Pope St. Sylvester sewed the mouth of a dragon shut.

Sylvester, Pompous Maximus

Yes he dee-id.
Thus as S. Peter had said, S. Silvester did. And when he came to the pit, he descended down one hundred and fifty steps, bearing with him two lanterns, and found the dragon, and said the words that S. Peter had said to him, and bound his mouth with the thread, and sealed it, and after returned, and as he came upward again he met with two enchanters which followed him for to see if he descended, which were almost dead of the stench of the dragon, whom he brought with him whole and sound, which anon were baptized, with a great multitude of people with them.
Story here.


Merry Christmas, dear, brave defenders of the true faith, embattled warriors on the front lines, saving the Church from Pope Francis and the Novus Ordo!

And now, for your listening edification, the solemn Christmas chant for the 7th day of Christmas, originally composed by Sylvester I ... click here.

New Year's Eve trivia:
The dragon's name was Bonnie.
(I bet you thought I'd say Tweety Bird, or Corky.)

Bonus:  Did you know St. Hyginus was the 9th pope?  He promoted good hygiene and mandated hand sanitizers at all the holy water fonts in the catacombs of Rome.


  1. Is Bonnie short for Boniface?

    1. Haha! No - that was Corky S. Clair's wife's name in Waiting For Guffman - you never saw her though.

    2. Oh ok. I've heard that movie is great but haven't seen it.


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