Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Archbishop Nienstedt cleared and back on the job!

The Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis appreciates today’s announcement by the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office that they have declined to file charges against Archbishop Nienstedt. As a result of today’s announcement, the archbishop will now resume all of his public ministry duties.

“I am thankful to the Saint Paul Police for their thorough investigation, as well as to the Ramsey County Attorney’s office for their professional work regarding this matter. I look forward to returning to public ministry during this Lenten season, especially during Holy Week and the great feast of Easter,” Archbishop Nienstedt said. “While I look forward to my return to public ministry, I remain committed to the ongoing work needed to provide safe environments for all children and youth. I continue to offer my prayers for all victims, their families and their communities, as well as to all who have been harmed by clergy sexual abuse. I once again offer my apology to all who have been affected by these terrible offenses.” - Archdiocese St. Paul/Minneapolis

Thanks be to God!

I'm so glad he is back.

Te Deum laudamus!

Secular report here.

H/T Judy

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  1. As soon as I read the headline on New Advent, I thought about you Terry. I am glad he is back too. May all of you look after your bishop with prayer and support. ^^


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