Monday, March 10, 2014

The Holy Father on Retreat...

Cardinal Burke sneaking in at the back.

I'm going to unite my prayer to his - praying with him and for him and the curia on retreat with him.  I love the photo. H/T Fr. Jerabek.

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  1. Most of those holy gents I know...not personally but well, after watching Papa Francis for a year, one does feel like they are part of the familia. ^^ I am happy he sits next to one who was a personal favorite of mine to become pope but Tata Dios had other plans. ^^

    The cardinal in the front who heads the "cultural department" of the Vatican, Cardinal Ravesi is it? Was he not also considered a contender? What's he doing staring up at the ceiling...that picture would make for some great roasting, Terry.


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