Sunday, November 23, 2014

I went to the Ethiopian Mass today.

I went to Mass at my parish first.

I didn't understand a thing at Ethiopian Liturgy.  I couldn't see very well since I stood in the vestibule praying my rosary.  Some 'penitents' were there too - praying faces to the wall.  The people take off their shoes, wear white shrouds to cover street clothes - women cover their head.  Men sit on one side - women on the others.  They dance and chant and clap and the women ululate in praise.  There is a lot of activity - yet great reverence and devotion.

I left after a short time and an Ethiopian man was coming up the stairs and was surprised to see me - he asked, "This is the Ethiopian church, right?"  I laughed and assured him it was.  I was the only white person there, the rest were all Ethiopian of course.

I love them so much - I have to study more about their Liturgy if I'm to go back.

I find it interesting that most Ethiopians, in fact, most Africans do not experience nor identify themselves as 'Black' the way African Americans do.  They identify by their nation of origin and do not think of themselves as 'black'.


  1. Ululation is my hidden skill. I can ululate with the best of them in St. Paul.

  2. Looking forward to hearing more about their liturgy! As a teen I went with a Lebanese friend to her Melkite church - that's where I fell in love with incense. She was also responsible for teaching me that the Eucharist is Jesus. Our church is so rich, isn't it?!

  3. Fascinating, I'd love to learn more!

  4. Please do learn more and educate us as well. I have a feeling you will find a rich Christian history and deep spiritual life too. Very interesting. Happy Thanksgiving Terry.


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