Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Thank heaven Fr. Z is in Rome! A Michael Voris intervention forthcoming?

This really is serious.
A Seersucker jacket in October, Michael? In Rome?

See - I'm not the only one who cares about Michael's appearance.  How many times have I said he looks better with a dark jacket and tie - clean white shirts - even a dark blue or stripe on occasion - no pastels, always with a classic tie?  Don't listen to me though - check this out here.   Like I said, he looks great all the time, but he has to be careful about seasonal clothes and fabrication - and color.  Perhaps he could do a stopover in London on his way home and get some new clothes from Hackett?  In Europe and in the States - rules continue to apply - for men.  Classic is best - check out the very well dressed De la Renta.  No Seersucker after August.

Where is Christine Niles when he needs her?


  1. My hairdresser fingers just itch to get into his hair. Seriously, it gets worse all the time. I don't care if it's his or not - it needs major help.

    P.S I don't like seersucker any time of the year.

    1. I had a seersucker suit I hated and maybe wore it once or twice one summer. Hated it.

    2. LOL! I love seersucker! I had the prettiest seersucker shirtdress when I was a teenager - cool and summery. I don't mean cool like, "Hey, that's cool." I mean it was literally a great dress for a hot day -- and no wrinkles like linen. Linen was always the fabric of the dresses from hell! I won't wear linen to this day. I don't like to look like a slept in my clothes.

  2. Hmmm, you know I love making fun of Mikey, but this time I just got to let it pass. While I think wearing seersucker is an affectation (unless your a character in "Brideshead Revisited," or Hannibal Lecture skulking across Venice...) I think Mikey has the same problem I have (the big one being taste or lack thereof) and finding off the rack clothes that fit him.

    However, yes, I do have to make fun of the kills me every time but I would hate it if he changed it (or that goofy pencil move her makes. )

  3. Who cares about the ins and outs of seersucker suits? The real question is, where's Yaya and how can we get her back?

  4. First you need to make an offering to the babaloa, such as a seerssucker jacket, torn from a Catholic journalist, together with a box of cigars, bottle of good rum, box of cigars and a Panama hat. Preferably one from David Lee Roth.

  5. I think he carefully lifts the wig off the top of his head: rips the suit & tie off: re-dresses into jeans and a sweat-shirt: and drifts off anonymously into the night. Obviously, it is all a clever disguise, for protection.
    and, he is related to Kevin Spacey.


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