Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ignored by the Synod Fathers: Overlooked ... dissed .... how do you think I feel?

We didn't even get a vague-sounding 
one liner in the relatio.

Fighting the stigma of the unwed cat dad.

I go to Church alone.

Always have since grade school.  My family is not religious.  I was rejected as religious freak at the age of 7.

I never married.  I couldn't... wouldn't

I have no kids.  Thank God for them.

I had a dog when I was little.  My parents drove him out to the country and left him.  My dad said he needed a farm family.  I watched him running after the car as my dad drove away.

I was alone.

As an adult in my first apartment I found a cat.  I named him Pasha.  I didn't want him in the apartment though, so I left him in the hallway.  He left me.

I was alone.

I lived alone and never did very well... For I was ... lonely.

I got more cats - but I had to put them to sleep.

Alone again.

Then I got new cats and became attached.  I loved them so much.  They lighted up my life.

I cared for them, hugged them, cuddled with them, talked baby-talk to them - they even prayed with me.

But they weren't allowed in church.  I went to Mass and adoration alone.

I didn't fit in.  My cats weren't accepted.

No one understood what it was like.

Even priests made fun of me for being a cat freak - unmarried, creepy guy with cats, sits by himself at Mass.

I felt alone.

Frequently I was embarrassed by the cat hair on my dark Polo cashmere jacket with the crest on the pocket.  People ignored the nice clothes, the sales tag hanging from the cuff, but laughed at the cat hair.  Why should I even bother going to their Christmas Craft Fair?

Do you people even understand what it is like to be a single cat dad?  Where do I fit in in the Church?  Cats are told they have no souls, that they are going to hell - or no where.  As a cat-dad how can I deal with that sort of invective and hatred?

People have no idea of the responsibility involved in parenting cats.  The spaying, medical bills, Fancy Feast and treats bills, accessories,  Cat school.

Then the loneliness.  I get lonely too.  Cats can't speak English or human language.  My cat meows and hisses and runs to the cupboard when she is hungry - that's my only communication - except when she licks my legs after I get out of the shower - otherwise I have no intimacy in my life.

Oh, sure!  Make fun of cat people.  I'd have a dog, but I would still go to church alone.  They don't want animals at church.  Married or single pet parents - our pets are not welcome!

FYI:  I'm a stay at home cat dad too!  So - don't you dare tell me I don't work.

And yes, I get lonely too.

Deal with it.

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  1. "Hello..FBI...please check Terry's crawl space. Thank you !"

  2. They want more flowers.

  3. sad.....Want to come over and play with my dog? I'll fix you dinner. I'm a good cook. And I won't laugh at your cat hair.

  4. I have cat hair all over my clothes too. However, unlike your cats, my cat, Hildegard von Bingen, does speak human language. She says the word "hello." When she's in a particularly communicative mood, she says "hello, hello, hello" over and over again. Naturally, she expects me to answer in kind. Try naming your next cat after a doctor of the Church.

    1. I love your cat's name! My cat and I do speak as well - but don't tell anyone.

  5. You're CATholic. That's all that matters.


  6. LarryD, you spelled Cat lick wrong.


    1. Ah Nan, in grade school we had to get off the bus and walk through the "public school kids," who were already out of school. They would yell out "Cat-lick," every day and then it became "Here come the cat-lickers," ...which we in our maturity would yell back, "At least we don't go to PUBIC school," and a brawl would ensue....math books flying in the air (good riddance) homework torn, uniform shirts muddied and sometimes bloddied...amazingly enough some of us were on the same softball team in the park and we got along...

      Anyway, good times thanks for the memories...from one cat licker to another.

    2. Larry meant to say I was catatonic.

    3. Or catastrophic.

      Luv ya Ter!

  7. But that would be catastrophic. I, of course, am dogmatic.



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