Friday, October 17, 2014

I'll say it again - Catholics need to apologize to Dan Brown and Ron Howard ...


What you said in the darkness ... what you have whispered behind closed doors ...

Remember when everyone was up in arms because Dan Brown and Ron Howard 'conspired' together to destroy the Catholic Church with the very, very, outrageously fanciful-fictional "Da Vinci Code" and "Angels and Demons"?  They were called anti-Catholic bigots, out to destroy the Church.  Though the plot was clearly fictional and not a few details were so completely far out that it might have bordered on camp in the hands of a lesser director.  I think the films are highly entertaining and delightfully suspenseful.  I love the sets.  (If only Brown would have used the Legion of Christ instead of Opus Dei for the bad guys - it may have been more believable.  What?)

Just a reminder...

The Dan Brown films, along with "Priest" and "Philomena" and other so-called anti-Catholic films and novels pale in comparison to what is happening in real time, in Rome, online, and in mainstream media... I doubt even the most talented conspiracy theorist could come up with greater drama and scandal.  And it's the Catholics themselves doing all the damage.

Ya gotta laugh...

And apologize to Dan Brown and Opie Taylor Ron Howard.

"Nothing is hidden that will not be revealed." - Today's Gospel

Pa, just what did I do that was so bad?


  1. Terry, you have made a pretty harsh accusation here without giving any specifics as to what you are talking about. We can all sort of guess, but I really think you need to clarify this. Also, what is going on in Rome is nothing new. The only new part of it is that we have instant communication and everyone and his brother gets to chime in with their opinions. I think it might be better to just turn some of this stuff off. We have a great Savior who poured out His Life on the cross to save us and from which the Church was born. To constantly criticize and point fingers is not really honoring him.

    I do apologize if I sound harsh, but I think we really need to be careful not to get caught up in all of the negativity.

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    2. Also, if you have any doubt that something went wrong last Monday - check out what Jimmy Akin cited as the number one good news item from the Synod:

      1) If you had to boil it down, what’s the single most important piece of good news?

      That there has been widespread pushback among the synod fathers against the document issued Monday, called the relatio post disceptationem.

    3. The very fact that people are trying to destroy the Synod and make it into something which the Pope never intended tells me that it is very important. Else, why would the accuser of the brethren (and I mean Satan) be so busy?

      There were definitely problems with the document, and the very fact that so many of the bishops are being so forthcoming about it is very encouraging to me. But there are also good things in the document as Cardinal Napier said (

      "Speaking later at the Vatican press conference, Napier seemed to back away from his criticism. Asked if he would want the meeting to rescind the document, he responded: "That's rather radical, I think, because the relatio actually has a lot of very good, very good things."

      Deacon Greg had a link to an interesting article about how people are trying to sabatoge the Church.

  2. I have no experience with any of the Dan Brown stuff, but the last week has reminded me of the great old James Bond films. Dr. No, Goldfinger, take your pick. Just as the meticulously crafted plan with all of it's moving parts seems poised to triumph, it seemingly collapses in an instant.

    I've actually found it all reassuring. I especially like how the Holy Spirit lets the Kaspar's and Forte's hoist themselves by their own petard, as well as whoever prompted the firing of Burke since it just emboldened him. Mueller was the right man at the right time given his "gospel of the poor" credentials as was Pell since he is part of the Gang of 8. A jolly good show.

    Okay, I'm going to go run and hide from your blog before one of the "charity police" (as apt a role as Kaspar as the "theologian of mercy") warns me of the divine judgment that awaits me. Peace, Terry.

    1. Haha! I agree with you though - and it turned out fairly well - save for the exile of Cardinal Burke.

      I do wonder if he was more emboldened because of it. Whatever - we got to see that there are faithful prelates. Thanks be to God!

  3. Two thumbs up, Terry. We do need a little levity even though there is nothing very funny about wolves in sheep's clothing ravaging the flock. On the other hand if the flock are guarded by wide awake laity/sheep with slingshots and five smooth stones.... Well, the wolves may be in for a surprise.

    Personally, I think what's happening in Rome is more like a bad horror film. Remember when the girl's head turned 360 degrees during the exorcism in The Excorcist? Cardinal Kasper comes to mind whirling and twirling trying to distance himself from his bigoted statements about the African bishops. I wonder if his head has stopped spinning yet.

    On the othe hand...the Keystone Cops also come to mind.

    I read a comment from somebody, maybe on Pat Archbold's blog, that he hopes what has been going on so discredits the modernists that it will take them years to recover. I'm not that optimistic; they are nothing if not persistent. But who knows -- prayer can work miracles and the faithful are praying to God. Can anyone guess to whom the liberals are praying? Baal, Astarte, Sophia wisdom, Buddha, the "cosmic Christ," mother god? And you're right. There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed and sometimes it's revealed in this life when people can do something about it. Think I need to write my letter to the nuncio.


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