Wednesday, August 06, 2014

The Transfiguration

The mysteries of light...

His face shone as the sun: and his garments became white as light.

Hiroshima blast.

On August 6, 1945 the United States dropped “Little Boy,” 
the first of only two nuclear bombs ever used in warfare, 
on the Japanese civilians at Hiroshima.

Shadow left by victim.  Many victims were vaporized.


  1. +JMJ+

    Enola Gay is mother proud of little boy today.

    The parallels between the Transfiguration and the bombing of Hiroshima always take my breath away.

    1. Same here. I was reading Benedict XVI's study of the Transfiguration in his first volume of Jesus of Nazareth. The things Christ and Moses and Elijah were discussing - his exodus - the cloud which overshadowed them, the command to 'listen to him' and so on. Preceding and following the account in scripture, the teaching of the cross is emphasized. I of course reflect back on the message of Fatima and the miracle of the sun.

      It is very sobering. A great sign.

  2. "Many victims were vaporized"

    That particular sentence boggles the mind. It seems surreal and yet, it can very well happen again with even more powerful bombs this time. As I keep abreast of the news, it seems everywhere one looks, there is conflict with only small pockets of faithful, alive and well. May those pockets of faith sustain us all in the days to come.

    The Feast of the Transfiguration has always been a favorite of mine. Such beauty! Such hope! With the promise of His return in glory there is always hope...always.

    I will one day share with you a dream I had about the Lord's return in glory, Terry. Have a wonderful feast day for it is one of rejoicing amidst the sorrow so many are currently enduring.


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