Thursday, August 07, 2014

The Blessed Virgin is with us.

Our Lady 
is with us
for the triumph of good...

In every age the Church is supported by the light and the strength of God,
She is nurtured in the desert with the bread of his word and the Holy Eucharist.

In every tribulation, through all of the trials that she finds 
in the course of the ages and in the different parts of the world, 
the Church suffers persecution, but comes out the victor.

That those who have fled into desert refuges may be consoled, nourished, satiated, delivered and saved by the tender protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  

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  1. Terry,

    At Mass tonight, I entrusted all of God's children, who are suffering the world over, but especially in Iraq, on the ancient plains of Nineveh, to our Lady and to our Lord. I placed them all at the foot of the Cross and want to pray and remember them there because from there comes our salvation, our refuge, our glory.

    As i reflected on this, I looked at the image of our Lady of Guadalupe and she gently reminded me again,

    "In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph."

    She has been reminding me lots of late because she knows what all this means and how it has affected not just me but everyone.

    I do not want to forget her promise, ever.


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