Thursday, August 07, 2014

Another terrific interview from Sean Salai, SJ, who served as an intern at America this summer: with one of the world's great spiritual masters:

I fear that, at times, the anonymity offered by the internet
 is a serious occasion of sin for some people. 
We will also always have cowards with us, 
who hide behind false names and say nasty things. - Fr. Z

Fr. Z!

I know!

I recall some bloggers and commenters condemning me for simply linking to America Magazine in my sidebar.  Now Fr. Z has granted an interview.  This is bigger than Pope Francis!  (JK)

Anyway - it's a good interview.  Fr. Z comes off quite well.  I'm so happy for him.  It explains his raison d'être - online, that is.
Question: Do you expect to continue blogging after you finish your doctoral dissertation and go back to full-time ministry?
 Work in the blogosphere is ministry. 
Will I keep going?  You bet.  I’m but one little priest.  My blog is my force multiplier. 

Father also had some nice things to say about Pope Francis.   Perhaps the Holy Father will give him a call?

Read the interview here.

Sincere congratulations Fr. Zuhlsdorf.


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    1. Especially since before Fr. Z they interviewed Fr. Rohr.

  2. This is bigger than Brutus the giant croc who eats sharks!


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