Monday, August 04, 2014

I wonder what's going to happen today?

There was a big earthquake in China this past weekend.  Last week a river in China turned blood red.

Lake Erie is toxic.  People in Cleveland can't drink the water.  (I was in Cleveland once.)

People from Ebola-infected countries are sneaking into the United States.  That's what Drudge said.  Then there is the ongoing story of immigrant children invading the United States - and they haven't been immunized and reportedly have lice and fleas and pertussis.  These two situations alone might equal at least four of the ten plaques of Egypt:

  • Frogs
  • Gnats or lice
  • Flies
  • Boils

Fires are burning up our National Parks and forests, disrupting family vacations.

Fukushima radiation is killing the Pacific.  If sea creatures are livestock - that counts for another plague.  (There's a pig disease too.)

I think there is enough going on to equal the Ten Plagues of Egypt, as a friend of mine noted to me in an email

Then we have the stuff from the Book of Revelation.

It's pretty hard to calculate all of it.

Super volcanoes.  Earthquakes.  Wars ... Middle East.  Floods.  Tsunamis.  Drought.  Pope Francis.

What's going to happen today?  Tomorrow?  This week?


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  1. The problem is, we've become so rational in the way we can explain away the extraordinary that if God ever chooses to send us a chastisement via one of these types of things, we'll likely be too obtuse to get it. There would have been a day when everything from 9/11 to natural disasters would have been viewed through the prism of possible chastisement, but no longer. We're far too sophisticated for that now. And what could possibly go wrong with an attitude like that?

  2. When your blog becomes part of the Patheos blogomerate - then we know it's The End.


  4. I got a new kitten two days ago. Whatever is going on in the world, I do the same thing every day; go to Mass, say the rosary and pray, pray, pray. I'm happy about the kitten because God created such a delightful little creature that brings joy. I think I might despair about all the sorrow in the world if I didn't appreciate the beauty as well and be grateful.

  5. The world can not, will not end until my book is finished and I finally make it onto the Journey Home (why don't they return my calls?). So it might be a few years.

    Like Pat, I have a new baby animal--a puppy--and the wife's pregnancy is going well. While living in Detroit, my favorite painting at the DIA was The Nut Gatherers by Bouguereau. Never understood why the painting captivated me. Now I think I know: because from the beginning of time I was destined to have two little girls--one blondish red with a wide face (check!) and one dark and delicate (we'll see). It's amazing how we are hard-wired to gravitate toward the things that God wants to give us from all eternity. As a teenager, I was inexplicably a Francophile and liked to say names like La Rochefoucauld. In hindsight, with spiritual eyes, I would say that it was because my main heavenly intercessor was Blessed Charles de Foucauld. God has enchanted the world, Deo Gratias!

  6. Yes, indeed the Lord of life has enchanted the world! Was it not He who gave the birds of the air the gift of song to sing His praises? So it is fitting that on days when I am in a sad or in a melancholy mood, I should remember that phrase. "Lord, even the birds sing your praises!"

    That little beauty of a psalm makes me happy as it is so joyful like our gracious Lord is.

    I know strange goings ons are going on, but I thought we are supposed to keep working in the Vineyard until He returns? I hope and pray none of us will be caught unawares.

    Speaking of strange...about one week ago, in Venice Beach, California, a strange thunderstorm rolled through the small area. I heard there was lightening too. Anyway, it seems a young man who was surfing at the time, was struck by said lightening and killed and two others were seriously injured while laying on the beach.

    This is something that Venice Beach folks report has never happened before.

    In the meantime...congrats to Pat on the new kitty...they truly are a delight. We have two of them. ^^

    Congrats on Scott's baby girl. May she and her Mama have good health upon her arrival and always. ^^

    1. The young surfer killed by lightning was beloved by many. He attended 8:00 am Mass just hours before his death, kept a Bible on his nightstand, was a star athlete and an only child with a reputation for kindness. A fatal lightning strike could happen to anyone, but under the circumstances I can't help thinking God wanted this young man home. I hope that doesn't sound glib.

  7. The water here in Cleveland is fine (at least, not toxic). It's the water supply in Toledo that's bad.

    Lake Erie is in its normal disgusting state.

  8. And if you knew for sure that today the world would end at midnight, what would you do differently? Anything?


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