Saturday, August 02, 2014

Now I know why I like the Pope so much.

A boor.  David Teniers the Younger
"Let it be known he preferred to stay with the heretics and, no doubt, enjoy their wine."

Someone said he is quite the boor:
If you need further proof Pope Humble hates to be in the middle of good Catholics and avoids them whenever he can, you only need to google a bit, and look at the last events in Caserta.
And then Francis does go to Caserta, and regales us with the usual heresies about extra ecclesiam omnia salus, according to his utterly heretical, now twenty times repeated ideology. But this post is not about that.
Francis is then eating and drinking with the Proddies, and he enjoys both activities so much – presumably, the second one more – that he decides to continue to eat, drink and be merry and simply cancel his next appointment, where he was supposed to meet some nuns and, I have read, children and other faithful. - Source
I'm kind of like that myself.

Seriously - people exaggerate and read stuff into everything the pope does and says.  Although I agree, it does appear that he likes to hang out with outsiders.   When people do that, they are accused of all sorts of things, and often condemned.

Just imagine Christ, "eating and drinking with the Proddies, and he enjoys both activities so much – presumably, the second one more – that he decides to continue to eat, drink and be merry and simply cancel his next appointment..."

Quite the boor.


  1. "Francis: Generous Only With The Wrong Crowd"

    I saw this headline on the boorish website you note your source from, Terry. Perhaps we should spam their blog with pictures of Papa Francis relaxing with his brother Jesuits and looking like he's enjoying himself. Let's send the pictures where he's having a good laugh while at the dinner table or the ones showing him arriving in the Ford Focus riding shotgun! Gasp! Can that be??!! The scandal!!

    How anyone can stomach the tripe written there! It is beyond the pale and so disrespectful and self-important! How do these folks write what they do and smugly so as if they know-it-all?

    I wanna be part of the wrong crowd our Lord and Savior sought out. I wanna be like the poor tax collector, the now dwelling in heaven Publican, who poured his heart out before the Lord while the "good man" the snooty, Pharisee licked his chops and patted his own back while letting it be known to God, the "he is a good and just man and not like other people."

    I already know who gets to heaven first. ^^

  2. Great post as always Terry! I'm glad to be back :)

  3. He's a maverick and I love it!

  4. Spot on, Terry. As you know from our correspondence, Terry, I don't like this pope much - don't like him personally, and don't much like what he does. I think he's done a great deal of damage to the Church, and if I hadn't yet converted, I doubt that I'd consider his Church worth converting to, because if all I did was listen to him I wouldn't be getting the essence of the truth.

    End of my digression. Having said that, there are enough reasons to take issue with him without having to create something out of nothing, as so many of these websites do. When one sees scandal in every single action, one not only gets tired in a hurry, they tire other people out as well, and they stop listening to you.

    Who the Bishop of Rome chooses to dine with matters not a whit to me. If he wants to hang out with publicans and sinners, more power to him! Whenever I voice an opinion contradictory to what he says (or is alleged to say), I stick to the facts. I don't go looking for the bogeyman under the bed; I don't try to cast aspersions on everything that he does. I don't make up snarky names for him, even though I'd like to. No wonder people get tired of reading what they perceive to be yet another hatchet job on him. If we were more particular in what we write, and more reasonable in tone in the way in which we write, maybe we could have a more productive conversation.

    In short, while I disagree with your post title, Ter, I agree with the rest of the post. As always the greatest respect for what you say and how you say it. Nobody says it better!

    1. Thanks much Mitchell - the respect is mutual. God bless you.

  5. +JMJ+

    This has happened before, with a different pope. Of course I can't remember which one. =P I do recall reading about Hilaire Belloc, during his pilgrimage to Rome, feeling quite put out that he couldn't meet the pope of that time even though the pope had been willing to meet with a Protestant delegation from America the day before.

    Protestants are bad enough. But Americans??? (There's no accounting for papal taste.)

    1. I'm actually like that myself. I could almost accept Swedish very high Church Lutherans or traditional Anglicans, but American Protestantism is so awful. I have a reactionary prejudice against Protestantism and old time religion ever since childhood. I struggle against it. It explains why I dislike American history so much - except for the French and Spanish exploration and colonization. Little House on the Prairie go to meetin' stuff is really revolting to me. I had some friends - devout Catholics who became Hutterites and dressed in those clothes - I never could understand it - ever. (I should add, I do not act from these feelings. It's simply a visceral reaction which I mortify - by God's grace.)

      The Pope is a saint for doing what he did.


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