Monday, July 28, 2014

"Muslims should be proud of smashing idols. It has given praise to Allah that we have destroyed them." - Mullah Mohammed Omar

Taller Buddha in 1963 and in 2008 after destruction

The goal seems to be the destruction of civilization and world domination.*

The claim that Allah is pleased by the destruction of 'idols' is what the deceased spiritual leader of the Taliban said after the 6th century Buddhas of Bamiyan were destroyed by the Taliban in March 2001. - Story here.

These days, ISIS is destroying Christian churches and shrines sacred to Christians, Muslims, and Jews in Iraq.
Hundreds of years of history and tradition disappeared in a matter of seconds. ISIS militants in northern Iraq blew up the Mosque of the Prophet Jonah.

The building guarded his reported burial site, venerated for centuries by both Muslims and Christians alike. But on Thursday, it became the latest casualty in the war ravaged by extremists proclaiming an Islamic State.

Video from local residents captured the aftermath of the mosque's destruction. Entire sections of the structure collapsed. Others remained standing, but clearly damaged.

Another clip making its rounds on social media allegedly shows militants using a hammer to destroy the tombstone of the ancient, sacred site.
In late June, militants captured the city of Mosul, Iraq's second largest. The rebels have targeted Christian and Shia Muslim sites, destroying both mosques and churches. They also drove out the city's large Christian community. - Source

Oh, and this.

Syrian Al Qaeda Rebel Group ISIS Pledges to Conquer Jerusalem, Rome. - Source

*Not to worry though.

Pray for those suffering under Islamic extremist terror and religious persecution.  Pray the rosary every day.

UPDATE:  Look at what I wrote in March of 2011: Islam's "holy war" on Christians.  


  1. “These days, ISIS is destroying Christian churches and shrines sacred to Christians, Muslims, and Jews in Iraq.”

    Desecration of all that is holy is not exclusive to ISIS… Do we not all chip away at the beautiful sacred temples made in the image of God?

    May the Merciful God of Abraham have mercy on us all.

  2. 2000 Desmond Birch published Trial, Tribulation & Triumph - a wonderful book, somber, and based Entirely on biblical and church approved sources: for me a really heavy slog, but for others I know a great treat - well for me, too, but there are acres I skipped over, to get to the good parts....
    I remember disbelieving him, as when he wrote about how, when France & Great Britain suffer civil war/strife this would be a clear sign of the chastisement - and sitting here, right here, wagging my head, like "whaat...?"
    my niece, an archaeologist, actually heads back to Iraq in a week - please....pray for her...just put her sweet little soul in your prayers from time to unbeliever, as her family. only I remain, a very bad example of all that is Holy, often.
    of course, she Used to go to Syria,,,,and would go back, in a heartbeat. *sigh*.

  3. Lots to reflect in these days of trial and suffering for not only my brothers and sisters in the Middle East, but for all of us too. To think the persecution starts there and will eventually come here. I wonder...I wonder if we, who are silent, especially, those in authority, those too busy squabbling online, I wonder if we will reap what we sow.

    Will our silence cost us more than we can imagine? What is the possibility of the many of us seeing our churches burned one day? Our shepherds slaughtered? What of out homes? Our livelihoods? Denied water, food, medicine?

    Will we deny Christ so that we will not lose our comforts? Will we standby silent when our churches burn?

    I look at the two parishes of my childhood. I have many fond memories. I can go there whenever I like. What will it be like when they are no longer standing? Their doors shut? Their altars desecrated? Will I live to see it?

    I am reminded that we, God's people, are temples of the Holy Spirit, indestructible temples to those of us who believe! We are the salt of the earth, the light set upon a hill. No one can take that beauty from us! No one!

    Much like our brothers and sisters who are suffering beyond what that word even means, I pray and I hope and I unite myself to them...may their blood not be shed in vain!

    Lord Jesus!
    Grant your people true freedom!
    Bless their courage as they flee in terror from their beloved homelands!
    Grant them shelter in the heat of day under your holy cross! Under Mary's mantle!
    Much like the Children of Israel, in the days of old, remind them that in the midst of their sorrow, you are the font of all life, the source of all consolation, the only true HOPE!
    Remind us all that nothing in this life lasts except you and the Church and the faith you have given us.
    Remind us not to cling to anything or anyone for all is passing before us!

    That precious blood that sustained the faithful in Japan, in South Korea, in Mexico, in Europe, the blood of the Martyrs...the seed of the faith...drenching God's green earth forever.

    Nothing, except our witness will remain.

    I believe the Church will endure to the the point of being annihilated. I believe that on that glorious day...He will come again! He will redeem His people and all of those who endured, who stood strong, who lost everything for His sake...may that day come soon Lord Jesus!


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