Thursday, July 31, 2014

The feast of St. Ignatius

Everything is good.

St. Ignatius is good.

The Pope is good.

The Jesuits are good.

The Church is good.

God is good.

Nothing to worry about.

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  1. A glorious feast day for a glorious Saint. One of my favorites too.
    San Ignacio de Loyola, please pray for us the world over.

    Pray for your little son, Pope Francis that he will always love Jesus and the Church as you did.

    That he defend the faith as you did.

    That he inspire men of good will and pure heart to take up the banner of Christ and go forth with burning hearts like you did.

    Glorious San Ignacio, please pray and intercede for our many brothers and sisters who suffer for the faith.

    May your prayers and ours benefit the many who feel abandoned in this hour!

    Ad maiorem gloriam Dei!


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