Friday, July 04, 2014

Spiritual but not religious - means non-binary.

Roger Bellen

Non-binary is queer.

Pretty much.  Earlier in the day I wrote a comment on my latest "What?" post:

It seems to me there is a gnostic strain at work in gender ideology - a sort of crypto-Catharism. It might be described more at 'spiritual - not religious' - which is why I tend to equate the multifaceted aspect of gender/identity with the Otherkin/Therian type spiritual movements. One gets the distinct impression from many of the discussions that it is a cocktail of neo-pagan/Theosophical/Hindu syncreticism. One needs to peel back the layers of language and dissimulation to expose the root of the phenomenon. - Me

And then ... and then ... someone sent me a book review from the Theosophical Order of Service on The Power of the New Spirituality by William Bloom.  'How really very queer', I thought.

So.  Here's a thought - from the review:

William Bloom who combines a long-standing interest in New Age approaches to spirituality with an identity focus in international relations1, has written

"We are in changing times. Our culture and technology are continually transforming, and the intellectual certainties of the last few hundred years are no longer secure…It is our need to find a new authenticity in our spiritual lives — to bring back fully into our consciousness — the sacred dimension of life, but we want to do this in a way that honours personal freedom and personal growth. In essence, then, we are turning to the teachings and experiences of what is called the ageless wisdom, but we are doing so with completely new attitudes."
A key element of our changing culture is that we are discarding old religious forms and re-creating our spiritual and sacred world. - Theosophical Order of Services

Isn't that uncanny?

I knew that!



  1. "...ageless wisdom..."

    Ah, Perennialism.

    Always comes to mind whenever someone says "the Perennial Magisterium."

  2. The 'spiritual not religious' is deeply imbedded into the recovery programs. Just an ancient heresy dressed up in different clothes me thinks.

  3. "The 'spiritual not religious' is deeply imbedded into the recovery programs."

    I've noticed this and have often wondered about it. From A.A. to O.E.A. and other addiction recovery groups, there seems to be a tendency among Catholics in these groups to abandon the sacraments.

  4. yeah: decades ago I did time in various anon. groups, al-anon, a.c.o.a., etc. The "higher power" mantra really eventually got to me, sort of like the emperor with no clothes. I finally felt very grieved for God, being so discounted ...people would get 'big heads', talking lots of intricate theory, psychology, et al.
    however, I dimly remember one organization, I don't know if it continues: "Recovery, Inc." Just the name alone is wonderful ! I had the book: many wonderful slogans: let your feelings rise and fall and attach no importance to them: feelings are not facts. wish I could think of more, they were great. I think it was for people coming out of serious dilemmas, institutions. My mother, always a seeker of some kind, took me with her - she was an anxious soul. I am unsure even now if she was truly an addict, or was self-medicating her depression, anxiety.
    we do seem to be living in an age of great unbridled promotion of self, every where, self, self, self.
    I'm rambling, a long day at work. I am happy to be a 'peon' there, being on the bottom is often the very best place to be: I thank God every day for where I am... and that I Am happy to be rather invisible, yet to be able to make a difference in the daily life of elderly people, in small, small ways. That precious lesson of St. Theresa, talking about how she gave someone her 'best smile', although as I recall it cost her quite a bit, is a good one....
    Our country is so very pagan now.


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