Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pride - I'm against it.

Not the place for evangelization.

I was looking for some photos to illustrate Pride festivities in Minneapolis and many were more than a bit salacious - the Pride photos in general - not just those from Minneapolis.  As a culture I know we are fairly accustomed to near nudity and provocative clothing or the lack there of - but the Pride festivals always bring out the slutty side of gay life.  This despite the efforts of gay activists and NGOs to clean up the gay image and Stepfordize the gay family-unit for export to nations around the world.  Part of the new U.S. Gay imperialism, so to speak. (See: President Barack Obama has taken the U.S. gay rights revolution global, using American embassies across the world to promote a cause that still divides his own country.)

People can disagree with me all they want, homosexual acts - flaunting it and promoting it - is sinful and scandalous.  Standing on a flatbed truck in a parade, pulling your Speedo down to just above your junk is flaunting it.  Kids are invited to attend pride events, including the parade with their straight or gay parents, are exposed to such simulated sexual acts - that is scandalous.  Scandal incites others to sin - that is why it is called scandal.

Gay Pride parades always kick the domestication of gay back about 20 years or more.  Every year, all the progress gay people claim to have made, insisting gay is good and wholesome and suitable for equality, gets set back - .  The facade cracks a little bit more.  By the time it collapses, it will be too late.

Evangelists sometimes hand out Gospel tracts at these events - I don't think it's the right time or place for that.  Before or after maybe - not during.

The Franciscan pre-Pride Masses.

I was aware of these events and last week checked the websites of the Franciscans who have what is called an LGBT Outreach.  Franciscans have always ministered among the marginalized.  I checked St. Francis of Assisi in Manhattan, as well as St. Anthony's Shrine in Boston.  I didn't see support or participation in favor of the gay lifestyle.  I expected there must be more to that story.  Catholic in Brooklyn attended the Mass and checked it out for herself.  She went to St. Francis and saw no gay pride support whatsoever.  Please read her post - I just wanted to share this part however:

This "Pre Pride Mass" was not in any sense of the word a "pep rally for the Gay Pride orgy that will occur in NYC soon thereafter" as claimed by DC Restore or any of the other Trad websites and blogs. It was just as the Church of St. Francis of Assisi said it was: a call to salvation in Jesus Christ, or as they put it on their website as pictured above, "God loves all people and calls us all into His family!"

Our culture and almost the whole world have come to view homosexuality as a completely normal and acceptable way of life. It was not as necessary in past generations for large ministries to homosexuals because society did a lot of our work for us in that homosexuality was condemned. But now that this lifestyle is accepted in our culture, the Church must respond to this and do so with true Christian charity. Yelling at people and telling them they're all rotten sinners headed to hell will only turn them away and drive them deeper into their sin. The Church must be a warm embracing family, always rejecting the sin, but never the sinner, just as Our Lord showed us in the love He showed towards all people. - Catholic in Brooklyn
Thanks be to God.

As I said, I'm against Gay Pride.  The other day I wrote:  Religious groups and churches which support Pride, neither serve God nor the people they seek to minister to.  I stand by that.  When I wrote it I was writing about the local Episcopal Cathedral which not only supports the festival but participates.  I do not see that happening with the Franciscans of Boston or NYC.

Smelling like his sheep.

Recall Pope Francis said the priest should smell like his sheep?  Franciscans smell like their sheep.  The priest at St. Francis of Assisi reminded listeners of that notion in his 'Pre-Pride' Mass:
Sheep are docile, dimwitted and dirty. And my dear friends, so are we. This is why I love the sheep metaphor. It actually describes us well. Sheep stink! Sheep have all sorts of grubby little things clinging to them. And sheep routinely lose their way. On their own they wander off, they get lost, and eventually they fall victim to some predator. Outside of the sheepfold, their future is bleak. Alone, they will not survive long. Like them, in order for us to thrive, we need to be part of a community. If we're excluded from the community, we will not do well. And more importantly and sadly, if we are pushed away from the sheepfold, it would appear that the shepherds are not doing a very good job. - Catholic in Brooklyn

The Franciscans in Boston and NYC have confessions nearly all day long, every day I think.  At least they used to.  Frequent confession is important - it eradicates pride.


  1. For the life of me I can't understand straight people who attend these displays of blatant sexuality. I know many, many straight people in the Twin Cities that think this is all wonderful. The reality is that all these people are getting together to celebrate how some people choose to have sex. How weird is that?

  2. Another fine piece, Terry. Thanks!

    I wanted to write about how I can take pride in who I am as a child of God but it came off as snooty. I started to wonder why and the thoughts spoke to me of arrogance and feeling uppity while looking down on others. So, I re-thought this:

    "Lord God, give me a grateful heart.
    a humble heart.
    Grant me the grace of true and
    simple humility.
    No pretense.
    No haughtiness.
    Just joy.
    Just gratitude.
    Just love.
    What you have made
    me to be
    in return
    I give to you.
    Man or woman
    made in
    your image.
    Joy at the thought
    of reflecting you
    in all of your glory
    fully alive."

    I wanted to share this just because that is what we all are meant to be.

    Nothing more...nothing less.

    To those who feel the need to flaunt themselves at the world, I pray for you and for me since I know the feeling only too well.

    Blessed Sunday to all!

  3. Ah Terry, Pride Parades are not my cup of tea, but I am an old fogey and I know it, I admit it and I don't expect others to follow suit.

    I really think Pride Parades no more flaunt sexuality and prove that gay sex is "EVIL," then does Mardi Gra Parades, New Orleans any day of the week, or Las Vegas..(funny how people always ignore those things when clutching their pearls over the latest crazy gay parade) prove that heterosexual sex is EVIL, and tacky. So while you say parades "expose the lurid side of gay sexuality" paraphrasing if its all a facade the world needs to see, you could say the same about my examples on hetero sexuality. Sexuality is sexuality its how you use it that's a sin.

    I do think its funny that yesterday I saw on Facebook that a lot of the neighborhood kids (in their 20s they will always be kids) all straight, went to Pride yesterday, and sat across from the fanatics with their signs and posted the pictures of them as if they were the freak show not what was going on in the street. All straight upper middle class respectfull most of them Catholic kids who thought those people were crazy. I wont take the credit (or blame) for their openness but no amount of signs with bible quotations are going to change what they see and experience in life. Then we go to our favorite bar (straight ) and its empty and the bartender said everyone was at Pride...(we live in the burbs so is an effort to get there.) Then we stopped by another bar(hey it was Sunday and hot out) also straight and the staff and their friends were all getting back from Pride...its just become a big party for straight and gay people more then a shocking expose on the under belly of gay life.

    Though being old I can think of a million things more fun on a 90 degree day.

  4. "no amount of signs with bible quotations are going to change what they see and experience in life."

    That is what I said - kinda.

    Clutching my pearls.

  5. Nawww. I never would characterize you as a pearl clutcher! Though my 25 year old nephew (raised by my crazed Catholic sister,..)told me things the "kids, are up to these days (unfortunatley himself included) which made me clutch mine..I think I even muttered "Oh MY!" Please, I don't want to hear anymore!

    Have a great fourth Terry!

    1. haha! I wish you lived next door.

      My nephews have confided things to me that made my head spin. I don't know what it is about our kind - they think they can tell us everything and we will never be shocked.


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