Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Factions actually serve a purpose ...

NYC Franciscan Church of St. Francis
Michael Voris has an interesting
"Special Report" on the 
Pre-Pride Mass celebrated
there last weekend, 
go here.

"First of all, I hear that when you meet as a church there are divisions among you ...
Indeed, there have to be factions among you, for only so will it become clear who among you are genuine." - 1 Corinthians 11:19

Another translation has it:

There have to be factions among you in order that (also) those who are approved among you may become known. - USCCB

Pope Francis told people to "go out and make a mess" - the Holy Father has certainly done so.  Once again in this case, looks to me that Michael Voris is only doing his bit to help.

Works for me.

Links on the Voris POV:

Confusion - The smoke of Satan.

All are not welcome.

Michael Voris is not welcome.


  1. ...I saw the beautiful church....and thought you wrote, "Falcons actually serve a purpose",,got my visual imagination going and I really enjoyed it. oh well. Lou

    1. Haha! Falcons do too. Have a great 4th - hope you get it off!

  2. I do not support the notion that Pope Francis "sows seeds of misconception" I mean, gee, we can't leave our ability to educate ourselves to the Catholic Hierarchy, can we? We are responsible to read in the CCC what the Church teaches on homosexuality. If Pope Francis promotes anything, it is to be charitable by praying for one another and to hope for the conversion and salvation of all.

    I posted the above on that website you give the link to, Terry.

    As far as spreading confusion goes among the Franciscans, or any other Catholic groups, well, we gotta go in with the armor of faith, eyes to see what is going on and the charity and the strength to pray that despite the many who have fallen prey to such lies, may they be awakened by whatever means the Lord will choose to do so.

    The thought of sacking Rome or the U.S. came to mind when I wrote the last sentence.

    If that's what it will take, then so be it.

    1. I agree - the Holy does not sow seeds of misconceptions - some people deliberately take what he says and apply the words to their own misconceptions. The 'who am I to judge' statement has become classic. The response was to a specific question - in the same conversation he stated he had yet to meet anyone with an identity card saying he was gay or part of a gay mafia. I can't recall the exact statement right now. At any rate, he has never refuted the documents - the teaching of the Church -regarding homosexual acts and marriage.

      Those who use his statement 'who am I to judge' in order to approve or support the LGBT movement are the ones sowing seeds of misconception.

    2. Forgot to add Father to "I agree- the Holy ..."

    3. A pity they do not focus on the other more important part of the "who am I to judge" statement, the one that is key: the part about a person truly seeking our Lord in good faith and in good will. But you see, you know as well as I do Terry, that if and when we begin to do so, no matter how many times we fall, the Lord will allow Himself to be found and He will prepare us to follow Him as He slowly but surely lays our sins before us and we, with His most gracious gentleness and mercy, helps to be transformed and converted.

      I am grateful to Papa Francis for that full statement because it helps me to keep my pride in check. If I become too puffed up in thinking I am a "good, orthodox Catholic" well, my pride swells up, I look down and judge others.

      But the beauty of such a reminder? The gentle Lord reminds me, "not so quick! That person may get into heaven before you do...stop judging!"

      Once I remember my place, I smile in gratitude.

    4. That's exactly right Yaya - thanks!

  3. I just watched Voris' Vortex on the "Apostate Church". It doesn't matter to me what anyone thinks of Voris personally. He is on the mark and it's helping me to be personally more repentant. We are in a very bad way and I have much to repent of!


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