Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Novena to the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mt. Carmel

Did you know?

Aside from the apparition of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel at Fatima within the promised miracle on October 13, 1917, O.L. of Carmel has a connection to the apparitions in Lourdes.  In fact, the 18th and last apparition to St. Bernadette occurred on the feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

The 18th appearance 16 July 1858
This was the final appearance. Because the grotto was barricaded by the local government, Bernadette knelt outside the fence by the riverbank. "I thought I was at the Grotto, at the same distance as I was the other times. All I saw was Our Lady ... She was more beautiful than ever."

What was the main message of Lourdes?  Prayer and penance for the conversion of sinners: "Penance! Penance! Penance! Pray to God for sinners."

Isn't that interesting?  The Blessed Virgin asked for prayer and penance.

Tell me again, how do we evangelize, how do we convert sinners?

O Queen of Heaven, you gave us the Scapular as an outward sign by which we might be known as your faithful children. may we always wear it with honor by avoiding sin and imitating your virtues. Help us to be faithful to this desire of ours.


  1. “Tell me again, how do we evangelise, how do we convert sinners?”

    As Jesus entered one of the villages, ten lepers came to meet him. They stood some way off and called to him, “Jesus! Master! Take pity on us. When he saw them he said, “Go and show yourselves to the priests.” Now as they were going away they were cleansed. Luke 17 : 12-14

    I would suggest [ …] that this reservoir of our lives and ministry, when it comes especially to the New Evangelization, must first be filled with the spirit of interior conversion born of our own renewal. That's the way we become channels of a truly effective transformation of the world, through our own witness of a penitential heart, and our own full embrace of the Sacrament of Penance. 
    Cardinal Dolan, to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, November 12, 2012

    In Confession the contrite sinner, by the gratuitous action of divine Mercy, is justified, forgiven and sanctified, he abandons the old man and puts on the new man. Only he who has let himself be deeply renewed by divine Grace can bear, and therefore proclaim, the newness of the Gospel in himself. 
    Pope Benedict XVI, March 12, 2012

    I am also asking for renewed pastoral courage in ensuring that the day-to-day teaching of Christian communities persuasively and effectively presents the practice of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. 
    Pope John Paul II, Novo Millennio ineunte

    May holy Confession be the first act of conversion for you and then, dear children, decide for holiness.
    part Medjugorje message of Our Lady given to Marija Pavlovic, November 25, 1988

    1. You know - that is one of the best fruits of Medjugorje, and the most 'signal grace' that has to baffle critics - all of the confessors and people who go to confession there.

      You 'get' what I'm trying to say in my posts then - the sacrament of penance is the normal ordinary way, even the extraordinary form of reconciling sinners.

      "May holy Confession be the first act of conversion for you and then, dear children, decide for holiness."


  2. Don't know if you've read anything biographical about St Bernadette but as I recall there was no arrangement for her to meet with Our Lady that last time. She awoke with an aura that compelled her to go the Grotto. In fact that is what happened with the last several apparitions. If I recall correctly her mother arose very early to go with her.


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