Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Secrets of the Vatican - redux

The filth in the Church.

I watched the Frontline piece again last night...  The transcript here.  It makes so much more sense upon second viewing.

The filth in the Church.

Last night's rerun and all that has transpired in the Church since the show first aired afforded a new perspective on Vati-leaks and other conspiracy theories that were circulating around the time of Benedict's resignation and Francis becoming Pope.

It is very evident today that Francis is radically reforming the curia.  He's a kind and gentle pope who seems to have a ruthless streak when it comes to 'cleansing the temple' and overturning the tables of hypocrisy.

At times he may frustrate many of us, or at least confuse the hell out of us, but he is definitely reforming the Church.  I read a comment someplace saying that Francis has dumbed down the papacy.  It wasn't meant as a compliment, to be sure, but I would say it's about right.  People fear he is dismantling the Church when in fact he is simply dismantling the papacy as we've become accustomed to it.  He's breaking down the structure.

It's rather unsettling to many of us - it's a dirty job, but someones got to do it.

“I’m afraid the Pope doesn’t have the strength to expel the money changers from the temple.” - Benedict's butler, Paolo Gabriele on why he chose to expose the corruption in the Vatican. 

Pope Francis obviously has the strength to do what his predecessors couldn't.

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