Saturday, June 14, 2014

War? Where is your victory?

Last week we celebrated D-Day, and the courageous men who sacrificed their lives to liberate Europe from Nazi rule and Nazi atrocities ...  atrocities which have become socially acceptable and legal in several countries in our day.  Selective abortion and euthanasia - the signature of the Nazi eugenicists - has become commonplace in our culture of death.

Do we send our troops to die in vain?  As some sort of bloody sacrifice of life and limb to ... to what?  What kind of god demands war?

We left a devastated Vietnam and the South Vietnamese people to the mercy of the Communists.  Ideological systems are incapable of mercy.  To our shame, most of the soldiers returned home to contempt and jeers - ignored and abandoned.

Today the sacrifice of thousands of soldiers, the dead and irreparably wounded - seems to be accounted as nothing.  ISIS is conquering Iraq and declaring victory over America, our men died in vain.  We talk and lament and celebrate victories - and cover defeat with praise for the heroism of our soldiers - at what cost?  We went to war under false pretenses, destroyed a people, a country, and then pulled out as fast as we could because politicians sought praise and honor as peace-makers.  We abandoned a broken nation, leaving a poorly trained, non-committed, indigenous military, in a devastated, dysfunctional country - unable to function as a democracy.

What does it profit a nation to gain the whole world yet lose its soul in the process.