Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Blessed Trinity

One Word the Father spoke ... in eternal Silence.

I think the mystics are the only ones who can help us understand this sacred mystery of the Holy Trinity - yet no words, no literary form, can actually reveal the mystery.

No analogy, not one metaphor can adequately define It.

No artist can depict It - no orchestrated sound express It.

Sounding Silence.

If you stay a long time after communion, or prolong your prayer, you can ... enter into It ...  

The mystics are the ones who can and do speak about It...

From St. John of the Cross:

There is but one difficulty:  Even though He does abide within you, He is hidden.  Nevertheless is it is vital for you to know the place of His hiding that you may search for Him there with assuredness.

Oh then soul, most beautiful among all creatures, so anxious to know the dwelling place of your Beloved ... you yourself are His dwelling and His secret chamber and hiding place!