Saturday, June 21, 2014

Spain's new King Philip VI and Queen Letizia

A new King Philip just in time for the Teresian Fifth Centenary of her birth in 1515.  St. Teresa of Jesus died (1582) during the reign of Philip II.

Queen Letizia is beautiful.  Their children are Crown Princess Leonor of Asturias and Princess Sofia, second in line to the throne.


  1. From the distance everything looks beautiful. Thank you for portraiting our new King and Queen. If someone is in this country prepared to take the role is him (university educated in the USA ) and they are-in appearance, a catholic family, married in the Church, but HE NEEDS A LOT OF PRAYER and so our country: when his father Juan carlos was proclaimed king, he did under the , so called, national principles which recognised that the roots of Spanish legislation are in the Catholic faith, his ceremony was a religious one, he promised TO GOD to defend our Constitution- and this was after Franco...Decades later most of spanish people had allowed society been taken over by the secular pressures that rule Europe. Spain is now a 'non-religious state' because of this. But Felipe (now King Felipe) was a catholic...he had a choice: he could have stood up for his right as a catholic to acknowledge God and the grace God has given to him making him a king...he could have had a 'religious' coronation as the queen of England has and surely her sucesor will ( although in the anglican Church). But he did not choose a catholic religious celebration at all - not even a prayer or little mention to God and it was Corpus Christy day - maybe by the influence of his 'beautiful ' wife...who knows? who has not decided jet if his daughters are goign to receive the Sacrament of First Holy Communion (some say she does not want them to be educated in the catholic Faith which she calla 'indoctrination' by her mother in law ex-queen Sofia, but that's gossip..).
    If they are trying to please all those sectors of the population who will never be pleased: the ones defending everithing you criticise here, and they are letting down the other traditional catholic families who had been loyal to the monarquy, I do not understand why you cheer up ..but maybe you are right , they deserve an opportunity we will continue praying for them, for their family to continue in the catholic ways and their influence in Spain will reflect this.
    Be fair to the other lady depicted in the picture, however mad she is: you do not know if much of her 'money ' goes to charitable organizations supporting the contries most needed and the church!..critisise her money only when you do the same with yours
    With love

    1. Thanks very much Maria. I shouldn't make fun of the Duchess - I will remove the photo and comment - you are right about not knowing where her money goes.

      I wish I spoke Spanish and was able to tead more than bits and pieces - I didn't know much about the royals - I knew they were married in the Church and just assumed a Catholic education would follow for the children. I was in Spain shortly after Franco's death - I've always been very naive about Catholic Europe and was surprised back then that so many young people were irreligious.

      I read today Spain's youth are returning to the Church but then I read about the monarchy trying to please the secular government - it is too bad the king did not have any prayer or Catholic anointing -coronation. I don't think that bodes well.

      Thanks for supplying so much insight on this.

      God bless you!


    2. Well, no Spanish monarch has been anointed as a Spanish monarch (the anointings were for other concurrent titles) since the 13th Century. So that does not tell us much, really.

  2. I predict the new little Crown Princess will never be queen. I think there will be a republic in the near future. Just as well because with her looks, money and position she will never find true love - only gold diggers.

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