Sunday, June 22, 2014

Monsignor John Esseff tells the world...

Heaven speaks.

Monsignor Esseff releases messages for the world, given to a locutionist under his spiritual direction.

The anonymous locutionist receives messages from Jesus and Our Lady.  They are somewhat detailed and pertain to what is happening in the Church and the world, especially as it concerns the Middle East and the importance of the papacy - even the upcoming Synod on the family.  The messages are curious and interesting to read.  I found them on what appears to be a new Catholic news portal, News and Faith, apparently connected to Relevant Radio?  It appears to be outside the EWTN orbit.

Heaven Speaks:
The Catholic Church has existed for 2000 years only because I have held her in my heart. This happened from the very beginning because I was with the disciples on Pentecost Day.
Now, I must place the Church even more deeply in my heart because of all the events that will take place. The Synod of Bishops looms on the horizon. This Synod does not result from great fervor or a pouring out of the Spirit. It results from the breakdown in morality, the walking away from Church teaching, the new pressures of modern life and the growing secularism even within the Church.
In many areas, the Church is crumbling. Even the foundations are weak. The Synod will be an attempt to patch the Church together, to stop the exodus of its many members, and to usher in a time of return, a welcome-back. This will be the spirit of the Synod just as “opening the windows” was the spirit of Vatican II.
But what will result from the discussions at the Synod? Such discussions, although animated by sincere desires, carry within themselves great dangers. They carry seeds that are not always seeds of new life but of darkness. Such seeds will be present and that is why I must protect the Church from now until the Synod is completed. - June 15, 2014

After Pentecost, as the apostles set out, I went with them. This was a gift given to me by the Holy Spirit. For all these centuries, I have been the Mother of the Church. Nothing has happened in the Church, the great moments and the sinful moments, that have not been recorded in my Immaculate Heart.
Right now, I want to reveal the Church’s present situation, the dangers that surround it, and the events that are coming. I want every Catholic to know this revelation. It is not to be secret and sealed for years, only to be revealed later. This time is short and the whole Church must have this revelation. The more Catholics who see and understand, the safer will be the Church and the world.
The Holy Father heads the Church but the papacy should not just be a teaching office. These events have a role to play in world history. This role has been removed from the papacy over the recent centuries. However, the events have already begun which will throw the world into the greatest confusion. These events will have a secondary result of making the papacy grow more and more important. This will be a surprising shift. Only as events bring the world to its knees, will the world look again to the papacy and the Catholic Church as the one source of light out of the darkness.

I must also speak clearly about the Church which has so failed the gift of Fatima. Sister Lucy was a faithful messenger. As World War II began, she alone knew why. My Mother had told her that this war would break out during the reign of Pope Pius XI if the Church did not listen and heed Her messages.
The work of Fatima and the task of Sister Lucy were meant to be fulfilled during her lifetime, but the Church did not listen to her. She was a religious, who lived a hidden convent life. She could only send messages. When these were rejected, she just sent more messages.
I will no longer send messages to the popes. They have never listened and they still do not listen. Instead, I will send a pope who himself is the messenger. He will need to deliver the message to no one. He knows what he must do.
I say all of this because no one sees the magnitude of what is happening in the Middle East nor how close Satan is to gaining the power to turn the whole world into his hell. - Source
I find this statement rather curious:
"I will no longer send messages to the popes. They have never listened and they still do not listen."


  1. I was at a conference where Msgr. Essef spoke. He is very down to earth and seems to be a kind and dedicated priest. I don't know anything about these messages. Interestingly, he did not refer to them (this was last summer). Time will tell.

    1. Several priests here seem to like him as well. I know nothing.

  2. I spoke with a priest yesterday who is very devoted to the Blessed Mother. He did not mention these locutions but he did say that he believes we are definitely in the end times because of the speed with which events are happening.

    1. My gut tells me something is afoot as well. But I don't get messages.

  3. A reminder from St. John of the Cross may be helpful here.

    "And likewise supernatural events and happenings may be known, in
    their causes, in matters concerning Divine Providence, which deals most
    justly and surely as is required by their good or evil causes as
    regards the sons of men. For one may know by natural means that such or
    such a person, or such or such a city, or some other place, is in such
    or such necessity, or has reached such or such a point, so that God,
    according to His providence and justice, must deal with such a person
    or thing in the way required by its cause, and in the way that is
    fitting for it, whether by means of punishment or of reward, as the
    cause merits. And then one can say: At such a time God will give you
    this, or will do this, or that will come to pass, of a surety.'"

  4. Dear Terry:
    I was wondering if I could ask for a special prayer request. I injured my ulnar nerve in both elbows and it has been extremely painful. Would you and your readers keep me in your prayers. Thank you,
    Paul Wagner

    1. Of course - I will pray for you especially in the novena.

    2. Hi Paul: I too have experienced elbow pain: nothing like it is there: you are in my petitions to God...

  5. "I will no longer send messages to the popes. They have never listened and they still do not listen."

    Hum...I am no expert, not one bit, but this did stick out at me and it sounds fishy. Just my impression since I know nothing. I see what is happening around us and our silence and indifference is major big especially in the West.

    I see what my mom watches on Spanish tv and it is all junk. I tell her too, how I cannot stand to watch shows where folks are each other's throats over money, sex, material things. I remind her to pray for our brothers and sisters who are running for their lives, who have been slaughtered daily, who cannot feed their kids since they might be shot crossing the street to buy some milk. She nods.

    Praying for Paul, praying for you, Terry, for Papa Francis, for the Church in America, for the unity of all Catholics who are fighting online and off. For the world!

    I want so much to just pray, but I gotta work and make ends meet and remain hopeful and strong so I can be of service.

    Pray for me too!

    Thanks too! God bless you all!

    1. I pray for you too. And your mom and family. God bless you.

  6. "I will no longer send messages to the popes. They have never listened and they still do not listen."
    Really? Out of 266 popes not one ever listened to our Lord or the promptings of the Holy Spirit? After reading some of the other posted locutions, it seems these messages come from a combination of a vivid imagination and personal opinion.

    1. It sounds a little like something those who do not believe the 3rd secret was fully revealed would say.

  7. I have been reading the Locutions to the World for a few years now - and still I dont know what to think. They are becoming more and more specific and referring to current events. I noticed that Msgr Esseff used to be referred to on the LTTW homepage, but in the last few months that has been removed so there is no reference to him. I am wondering if he is still so supportive of them.

  8. Yes, I have read that he is still very much involved, but he had to remove his name because of numerous inquires that were reportedly becoming too much to handle.....

  9. Am told Father John Esseff is no longer associated with these messages. Apparently, sometime in mid-2014 he disassociated himself from them. Sorry, I don't have any more information than this.

  10. Msgr Esseff is involved and he either supports the alleged messages and their dissemination - or he rejects them. Whatever the case, given that he has been responsible for their promotion - it is incumbent on him to clearly explain what his position is - not just go all silent and keep people wondering and leaving them in the dark. Its a very bad look...


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