Monday, June 23, 2014

Just a reminder about locutions and private revelations from St. John of the Cross.

The Church of martyrs.

Sunday evening, 60 Minutes Bob Simon did a story on the persecution of the Coptic Church in Egypt.  One of the Bishops interviewed said that Egyptian Christians have always been persecuted and the Church has always had martyrs.  He said that his flock have always expected suffering and persecution - in every age.*

We Catholics today seem to worry about chastisements and persecutions and martyrdom as something to fear and fight against.  Many search scriptures and accounts of private revelations and locutions for signs and warnings - attempting to read the signs of the times.  Some people have lived their entire lives in expectation of the warning and chastisement.  Some people prepare and stockpile food and ammunition to defend themselves when the Global economy collapses.  The worst is when we seek out every new mystic and locutionist who claims to have messages from God - sometimes it is difficult to see the difference between these people and nonbelievers when they consult mediums and psychics.

However, we can know chastisements and corrections are coming on our own, as John of the Cross makes clear:
"And likewise supernatural events and happenings may be known, in
their causes, in matters concerning Divine Providence, which deals most
justly and surely as is required by their good or evil causes as
regards the sons of men. For one may know by natural means that such or
such a person, or such or such a city, or some other place, is in such
or such necessity, or has reached such or such a point, so that God,
according to His providence and justice, must deal with such a person
or thing in the way required by its cause, and in the way that is
fitting for it, whether by means of punishment or of reward, as the
cause merits. And then one can say: At such a time God will give you
this, or will do this, or that will come to pass, of a surety.'" - Ascent of Mt. Carmel

Remember, persons claiming locutions can be deluded, even unconsciously articulating details they have read about or heard in the course of their lifetime. John of the Cross also points out that things foretold do not always happen as we expect.
God desires not that we should wish for such visions, since He makes it possible for us to be deceived by them in so many ways.
Some spiritual persons convince themselves that their curiosity to know of certain things through supernatural means is good because God sometimes answers these petitions. They think this conduct is good and pleasing to God because he responds to their urgent request. Yet the truth is that, regardless of God's reply, such behavior is neither good nor pleasing to God. Rather he is displeased; not only displeased but frequently angered and deeply offended."  - Ascent Bk II, - Chapter 21
Christ promised not to leave us orphans and to be with us - the Church - until the end of time.  Trust him. 

Let us pray for those suffering 
and the new martyrs.

*The early years of the Church’s existence in Egypt were marked by relative peace. Later, the Church experienced twenty-one waves of persecution, with the fiercest one under the reign of Emperor Diocletian.  During his reign, the Church offered countless martyrs – by some estimates between 500,000 and one million. For this reason, the Coptic Calendar begins in 284 A.D. , the first year of Diocletian’s rule, and is based on the year of the martyrs (Anno Martyri – A.M.). For example, the year 2010 – 2010 corresponds to 1727 A.M. - Source


  1. Delusion isn’t exclusive to so-called visionaries and locutionists. As the priest points out in the link below, we are all capable of wanting to create God in our image…

    Warning: the priest mentions Medjugorje four times! :)

    1. I will check it out - thanks BG. You are right of course - we can delude ourselves - today's Gospel on the log in our own eye always hits home for me.

    2. BG - How do people who are followers of the apparitions at Medjugorje regard the apparitions of Garabandal? Have you ever posted on that?

  2. I know some people who believe in claims of apparitions both at Medjugorje and Garabandal, even a few who have been on pilgrimage to both places, but I never engage with them on Garabandal.

    I focus on Medjugorje because of my own conversion experience there, although I have visited Fatima and Knock many years ago. Walsingham is another Marian shrine I travelled to. I hope to visit the Rue de Bac at sometime in the future.

    Neither am I one for rushing off to apparitions. I have a direct line which I make use of daily – although I do accept that there are special graces given and received at these kind of ‘events’.

    However, I read somewhere that Our Lady once said if we have a choice to make between attending Mass and one of her apparitions then Mass is always the priority. Says it all for me! :)

    1. I just read something this morning about P. Pio and Garabandal.

      I'm very wrong to disparage people by calling them apparition trailers and the like - these folks do respond in faith and are very devout, good people. I don't know why I respond the way I do sometimes. Perhaps it is a spiritual envy on my part.

      Today I realized the function of these events is to prepare for the Lord's coming - to direct our attention to Christ, as the Pope said in his homily.

      Thanks for your prayers BG.

    2. “If you meet the virgin on the road, invite her into your house. She bears the Word of God.”
      (St John of the Cross)

    3. I love that! Thanks for the reminder.

  3. A bit off topic but this is the 50th anniversary of the slaying of 3 civil rights workers in Mississippi. One of them had been sought by the Klan to the extent they fire bombed a church they suspected he was in at the time. I wonder sometimes where the world would be without men and women who disregarded their own safety for a greater cause. No greater love...

  4. Terry, it goes without saying: the three most important words when it comes to the real state of visions...

    Locution, locution, locution!

    Mary asked me to tell you that. What?

    Ps. No she didn't. I made that up.

    1. Well I got news for you. No I don't. I just said that. ;)


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