Sunday, May 25, 2014

Who am I that the Mother of my Lord should come to me?


(Hymn of Praise of the Virgin Mariam)

(A) First Day of The Week - Sunday

1. Thou was named “Beloved Woman”, O Blessed among

woman. You are the chamber, in that you were called

“Holiest of Holies” and in it were the Ten Words which were

written by the fingers of God. He (i.e. the Father) made

known this to us first of all by “Yawta” (i.e. Iota), which is the

first letter of the Name of our Redeemer Eeyesus Kristos,

who became incarnate of thee without change, and became

the Mediator of the New Covenant and by the Shedding of 

His Holy Blood, He purified the believers and the people who

were pure. And because of this we all magnify thee, 

O Our Lady Thou ever pure God-bearer. 

We beseech thee and lift our eyes to thee, so that we may

find mercy and compassion with the lover of men. 


Since the Ethiopians have come ...

Each Sunday since Mercy Sunday the Ethiopians have been using the church across the street from me.  They arrive at dawn and remain past noon.  During their Mass I make my prayer facing the church.  It's a great grace.  I thank Our Lady, whose scapular and medals I buried on the property asking that the church would become Catholic.  What a grace to have such an ancient rite celebrated across the street from my house.  The Ethiopian Church in Ethiopia claims to have the Ark of the Covenant - and of course, mystically the Holy Virgin is the Ark, and She accompanies them everywhere they go.  She loves them because they gave the Holy Family shelter in their flight to Egypt.

"Prince shall come from Egypt, envoys from Ethiopia."

Africa again sends missionaries throughout the world - if only these would be able to bring African Americans back to Christ and the Catholic Church - away from those independent denominations which reject Catholicism, and those who are drawn to Islam.  The Ethiopian Church preserves Her traditions and keeps the ancient faith.

Mandylion of Edessa
Arise O Lord
and let your enemies be scattered,
and let those that hate you,
flee before your Holy Face.

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