Thursday, May 29, 2014

On the charity of the Holy Father(s)

A brother said to a hermit, "If I see a monk about whom I have heard that he is guilty of a sin, I cannot make myself invite him into my cell. But if I see a good monk, I bring him in gladly."

The hermit said, "If you do good to a good brother it is nothing to him, but to the other give double charity, for he is sick."

The presbyter of a church used to come to a hermit to consecrate the Eucharist for him so that he could receive it. But someone else visited the hermit and said evil things about that presbyter.

The next time the presbyter came to consecrate as usual, the hermit was horrified and would not let him in. The presbyter saw it and went away.

Then the hermit heard a voice saying, "Men have taken my judgment into their own hands."

He saw a vision of a well of gold and a bucket of gold, and a rope of gold, and plenty of drinking water. He saw a leper emptying and refilling the bucket and wanted to drink but did not because it was a leper who had poured the water out.

Then a voice came and second time to him and said, "Why don't you drink this water? What does it matter who draws it? For, he only draws it and pours it out again."

Then the hermit came to himself, and understood what the vision had meant. He called the presbyter and made him consecrate the offering as before.


  1. Well people don't need a doctor -- sick people do. Today I'm going to send a Mass stipend for a young niece who married an atheist and has joined him in disbelief. May the Lord pour his grace out on those two for the sake of their little ones. Mary, Seat of Wisdom, pray for them.

  2. Ah ! Terry: so good. thanks.
    I was thinking about you last night - you as an evangelist: for, of course, the quirky. These thoughts were about your art: I think I see you ( I really hope I am not writing anything intrusive, or offensive to you - please discard this, if so -) as the artist you are like this: to paint, to draw, it is a circle of heart/eyes/hand, and when all conditions are 'a go' it becomes a stream of making an image. Thanks to the internet, you (us, all) have access to such a wealth of images, of information, true as well as false. and we also are so influenced by images, everywhere images, that steer us into the broad way or the narrow. Don't icons steer us along the narrow way ? Some writing, icons keep us....from falling off the edge, don't they -
    About the art thing: when you are gifted with this abundance and are in process of thought/collecting a direction, then beginning, then the doing, then the completion - there is much else and I think we are the grateful audience for the drops and sparks that you spot and collect along your way: one can not contain such 'little' treasure. We are to hand them out to others as they do not belong to us, do they.
    so, thanks for the drops and sparks -

    1. Thank you Lou, for the encouraging words. Thanks for your drops and sparks as well. I think Our Lady must have heard my prayer this morning and sent you along with your sweet comment. Big hug!



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