Thursday, May 29, 2014

I had a dream I quit blogging ...

Apotheosis of Catholic Bloggers

But I can't remember it... and other thoughts.

I watched the Edward Snowden interview last night.

One of the things I think he has done is break through the regular programming of the American strategy for success and a 'nice life'.  The kid dropped out of high school and knows more than the average Stepford college grads currently on plan.   That was the very first mind boggling discovery about the guy the NSA ran up against.  

This morning I read some curious thoughts on Pope Francis which suggested to me higher education may have been wasted on some of the grads from Catholic colleges and universities ...

What would ever cause someone to write something like this:  
"Pope Francis and his cabal of heterodox prelates and their machinations to undermine Catholic life and thought ..." Or this: "This pope is a danger to Catholicism, and if you don’t see it, you’re either being fooled or you’re willfully ignoring the obvious."

Keep the faith - keep your kids out of Steubenville.


Oh!  Oh! Questions to consider ... Are you a celebrity priest?  From Catholic Answers:
How open is he to criticism? Does your favorite celebrity priest respond well to concerns raised about what he is teaching the masses?

Does he have "regular duties"? If a priest is not regularly offering Mass and the other sacraments, praying his breviary, and caring for souls in the ordinary manner of his calling as either a diocesan or religious priest, then something is bound to be wrong. 
Is he under the oversight of a bishop or religious superior?

(Now he is.)

So anyway.  I wonder what my dream was about?

Possible sign of delusion:  When someone with a blog claims to be able to see the truth amidst a pack of lies. 

Disclaimer: I may be wrong. ;)


  1. +JMJ+

    I have blog-related dreams, too. Sometimes I dream that someone left me a long, gorgeous comment . . . only to wake up and see that my combox is still empty. About a week ago, a regular reader told me, "There are so many comments I've tried to leave you in the past that the Internet ate . . ." So now I get it.

    And remember my "secret" Wordpress blog? I used a different pseudonym there and when I closed it down, I cut off ties with many of the people I had become "friends" with. Last year, I had a nightmare about them finding Shredded Cheddar and all but vandalising the combox. The next morning, when I logged on, all was normal. But I have no doubt that some of them found me.

    That's a fascinating insight into Snowden, by the way. Anyone who goes against the established "script" is worth having a conversation with.

    1. I should leave insane comments on your blog the way I do to Kat.

      Seriously, I'm glad you picked up on the Snowden observation - that is it - he has gone against the established script. Pope Francis is doing the same thing - it's upsetting the way things are supposed to be.

      I have a feeling therapists are doing a booming business these days - but they probably won't be much help since they're following the same handbook as their patients. Know what I mean?

    2. +JMJ+

      All comments welcome! ;-)

      At least the blogger behind The Last Psychiatrist still seems to have his practice going. Long before Snowden and Pope Francis hit the news, he wrote a lot about our reactions to people who don't follow the script we have for them--usually other ordinary folk around us who refuse to be our "supporting cast." (Take the guy who concludes that "nice guys finish last" because he does everything "right" and still can't get the girl he's "supposed" to have . . . or if you prefer, the woman who wonders "where all the good men are" because she can't find a boyfriend who meets the RomCom lead standards she thinks are ideal.) TLP's term for that reaction is narcissistic rage.

  2. Adhere in faithful obedience to the Pope? Well, that's just tantamount to believing in the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    The Skojec Tribe Red-Pillers have been studying the Church for years and years and years and years, haven't they. They're like the New Atheists of the Blogisterium.

    1. There's a new war going on over there. I don't have a degree in theology so it doesn't involve me.

  3. Hmm....I never dream about blogging. Sometimes I dream about losing my wallet. I guess I care more about my money and my credit cards. LOL!


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