Friday, May 23, 2014

Sainted animals.

S. Sergius Radonez

St. Roch was nursed by a dog who licked his wounds.

St. Sergius Radonez and St. Seraphim Sarovsky fed the bears from their hands.

St. Giles

St. Francis tamed a wolf, rescued lambs from slaughter and talked to birds.

St. Anthony Padua

St. Anthony of Padua exposed the Blessed Sacrament and a donkey adored - Anthony also preached to fish.

St. Jerome nursed a lion.

St. Jerome's kitty-lion.

St. Giles had a companion deer, for which he took an arrow, crippling him for life.  The deer is said to have sustained him with her milk from time to time.

St.s Eustace and Hubert both were confronted by deer whose antlers held images of the crucified Christ which subsequently led to the hunters conversion.

St. Martin

St. Margaret of Cortona was led to her lover's corpse by his hunting dog.

St. John Bosco had a mysterious dog Grigio who protected him.

St. Joseph of Cupertino freed little birds from snares, and gave the Poor Clares a little lamb to wake sleepy nuns during the Night Office.

St. Poodle and Roch.

Other saints had close relationships with cats, dogs, sheep, mice.  St. Martin de Porres for one.

How cute is that?

I think of this stuff when my cat comes along to pray with me.

Sainted priest and Blue Jay.


  1. St Martin de Porres is my go-to saint whenever I, or um , rather my animals have veterinary issues. He's an excellent intercessor. (And very good with llamas, by the way)

  2. Pope Pius XII had a bird named "Gretel" who was injured and nursed back to health by him. He loved birds!

  3. The there's St. Melangell, patron of hares and small animals. From wiki:

    "Her legend relates that she was the daughter of an Irish monarch, who had determined to marry her to a nobleman of his court. The princess had vowed celibacy. She fled from her father's dominions and took refuge in this place, where she lived fifteen years without seeing the face of a man. Brochwel Yscythrog, Prince of Powys, being one day a hare hunting, pursued his game till he came to a great thicket; when he was amazed to find a virgin of surpassing beauty, engaged in deep devotion, with the hare he had been pursuing under her robe, boldly facing the dogs, who retired to a distance howling, notwithstanding all the efforts of the sportsmen to make them seize their prey. Even when the huntsman blew his horn, it stuck to his lips. Brochwel heard her story, and gave to God and her a parcel of lands, to be a sanctuary to all that fled there. He desired her to found an abbey on the spot. She did so, and died abbess at a good old age. She was buried in the neighbouring church, called Pennant, and from, her distinguished by the addition of Melangell. Her hard bed is shown in the cleft of a neighbouring rock. Her tomb was in a little chapel, or oratory, adjoining to the church, and now used as a vestry room. This room is still called ' Cell-y-bedd.' or the Cell of the Grave. Her reliques as well as her image have been long since removed; but 1 think the last is still to be seen in the churchyard. The legend is perpetuated by some rude wooden carving of the Saint, with numbers of hares scuttling to her for protection. She properly became their Patroness. They were called 'Oen Melangell' (St. Monacella's Lambs.)"

    1. Thanks Paul - I was going to post a photo of a Canadian saint with a chickadee in his hand.

      Seriously, I am over run with rabbits - I must ask St. Melangell for help.

  4. Something tells me you visited San Carlos Cathedral during Ordinary time. I hope that particular priest won't be sainted for a long time to come.

    1. haha! I didn't go there - wish I had - but I received the photo from a friend. I hope he hangs around for a long time too!

  5. Where was the photo taken with the bird? Maybe the saint part is referring to the bluejay? :)

    1. It was taken at San Carlos in Monterrey, CA.

    2. I guess I just didn't recognize the background because it's a different season!

    3. I have an even better photo of the jay eating out of Fr.'s hand - I'll post it another time.

    4. I'd love to see it! I've been trying to get a photo of him and the jay, but they always fly off his hand so quickly!


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