Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pope Francis Excommunicates Singer of "We Are One Body"?

Oh no!  Not Dana!


Oh wait - the President of We Are Church was excommunicated for simulating Mass...
Martha Heizer hatte gemeinsam mit ihrem Mann regelmäßig Messfeiern simuliert. Jetzt hat Rom durchgegriffen und beide exkommuniziert - Theologische Fakultät Innsbruck: Heizer soll wegen fehlendem Studium auf Selbstbezeichnung "Theologin" verzichten. - Source - H/T Fr Z 
I'm sorry, I thought it said for 'simulating church-music'.  My German isn't that good since my brother divorced his Austrian wife Tiffany Kristallnacht.

BTW - A new blogger, Larry of Acts of the Apostasy is promoting one of his favorite simulations of church-music-videos here.

Never mind.


  1. Thanks for the laughs, Terry! It hit the spot.

  2. Tip: always make sure you have proper ventilation when painting indoors. Otherwise you end up with posts like this one.

  3. Thanks Fr. - and Larry - it only happens when the blood sugar is low.

  4. ...and don't ever mistake your iced tea for the water you just rinsed your watercolor brushes in. Worst headache of my life! the picture of the old lady ice-skater is giving me a bit of a headache just looking at it.

    1. I've done that - I also rinsed brushes in my coffee without realizing it.

    2. On the bright side, coffee makes good paint!


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