Thursday, May 22, 2014

Roman Catholic priest Rev. Edwards Beck suggests Pat Sajak is a racist sinner...

“You can’t find a more decent guy than Pat, you know.”

Roman Catholic priest Rev. Edwards Beck, who believes that denying climate change is a sin, on Wednesday lashed out at game show host Pat Sajak after he compared environmental activists to racists.
“The church has indicated that this is a moral issue,” Beck explained to CNN’s Carol Costello on Wednesday. “We’re stewards of creation, we need to care for it. This is God’s gift to us. And if you abuse it, then you are really maligning that gift.”
“I think the argument could be made that it is more racist to deny climate change because those being effected by it are the poor. The global poor are effected most by climate change, not the rich, who can afford air conditioning, and who can get around all the deleterious effects of climate change.” - Source

"Give me a break!"

So anyway - I'm not denying climate change.  However, climate change is so much more involved than air conditioning for poor people, I must say.  Rich and poor alike will feel the effects of climate change...


Evidently he still believes in sin - that's a good sign.

Although Fr. Beck has held some controversial views on other stuff - issues more immediate than climate change.  Such as homosexuality and Catholic teaching.  In 2011, another priest, Courage chaplain Fr. Richard Perozich responded to a 2010 CBS article by Fr. Beck on the sexual abuse of minors by priests saying, 'Father Beck's commentary expresses an opinion not in accord with Catholic truth.'


Yeah, but what did Pat Sajak say?
“I now believe global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists knowingly misleading for their own ends. Good night.” He tweeted.
So?  He was going to bed, maybe he took Ambien?  Maybe he was drunk?  Maybe he's just old?  He can tweet/say whatever he wants.  There are much bigger sins people.

“You can’t find a more decent guy!"


  1. im no scientist but... wouldnt having more air conditioners actually cause global warming to increase?

  2. The Global Warming alarmists have called Deniers unpatriotic racists. He was just giving it back to them. I adore Pat Sajak.

    Of course, I am a Denier, which equates with being a sane and rational person.

    As my brother, a scientist, will attest, the Sun, by far, has the greatest impact on climate than anything we puny humans can dream up. One good volcanic blast can also have more impact than a year's worth of our shenanigans. The models that predict catastrophic global warming are all projections based on worst-case scenarios that neglect to take into account the effects of water vapor. Plus, India and China produce far more CO2 than the US, and their output is increasing, not declining. So even if the US completely stopped all CO2 output, the difference would be undetectable. An entire country's lack of output would make not one bit of difference. So says my certified genius scientist brother.

    Frankly, I choose to believe him over someone whose next grant, invitation to speak, opportunity to publish, or reputation might be affected by the idea that climate change is, indeed, controlled by the SUN.

    1. Well, for me, climate change is obvious - it is the story of life on earth - happens every day. That said, there seems to be evidence of climate change, rising seas, and so on. It has happened since creation. Is it man's fault? God's punishment? Nature's revenge? It is what happens. The earth moves, plates shift, glaciers melt, winds pick up, the sun shines one day, the next day it is cloudy. Climate change happens.

      We still need to be good stewards, don't you agree?

    2. I should have added that I think Sajak may be right - there are probably opportunists who aim to cash in on climate change theory and prevention.

  3. The climate absolutely changes--I just don't think what we're doing is having much of an impact. I live near Lake Erie, which was probably formed from a receding glacier. Certainly we need to be good stewards of the earth, but we had a record cold period during the years of the Industrial Age when we were spewing literal tons of crap into the atmosphere and women washed their kitchen curtains every week from the soot that was inside and out. I'm way more concerned about clean water. What I find most amusing is when EVERY weather phenomenon is attributed to global warming, which has been neatly renamed climate change to fit the narrative. Please.

  4. And from a Catholic perspective, the worst part about the Global Warming farce is that there are countries that are being prohibited from developing their own resources and industrializing because of this. So they don't even have electricity to power clinics and keep medicines cold, so people are dying. I will see if I can find a citation.

    1. I'm just trying to not get hit by an asteroid... ;)

      I hope Las Vegas is able to keep the water flowing and the power on - if we lost that natural wonder of the world it would be an absolute disaster.

      Seriously, some Catholics won't approve because of who it is, but I believe Bill Gates (foundation) has devised a system that keep cold chain medicines cool for x amount of time with a new type of thermos or something. Likewise, non cold chain meds are being developed.


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