Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Baptizing Martians and Cats

Fun Guy.

I guess the Pope said something about baptizing Martians, and Vatican astronomer, Guy Consolmagno said that he would baptize an alien.

The idea that the Catholic Church would baptize martians – or baptize aliens from any planet for that matter – may strike some people as a little odd. Pope Francis recently endorsed the idea, though, and Vatican Observatory Astronomer Guy Consolmagno has also gone on the record to say that he would baptize an alien, "no matter how many tentacles it has." On Saturday, Consolmagno spoke to graduates at Georgetown College and elaborated on those thoughts, telling the audience to be prepared for the outside world. - Source

When I was little I baptized everything - including my cats.  I wonder if I should baptize Gabby?  Then she'd have to go to Mass every Sunday and Holy Day.  I would have to get her a First Communion dress and have a reception afterwards, then a Confirmation outfit, party, presents - it's a lot of trouble.

I recently read something about lay people baptizing and I either forgot or never realized the formula was pouring the water 3 times, one each in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son, and in the name of the Holy Spirit.  I think I just did one pour in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  I hope my cats aren't in hell.  Of course, I could get in touch with the Mormons and they might re-baptize them for me.

That said, I always thought baptism only works for the sons (and daughters) of Adam.


Poodle PSA:  Lest anyone be confused, in an emergency situation, this is how the Sacrament must be administered:
How to baptize in case of danger of death
The Rite of Baptism says, “All lay persons, since they belong to the priestly people, and especially parents and, by reason of their work, catechists, obstetricians, ... nurses of the sick, as well as physicians and surgeons, should know the proper method of baptizing in cases of necessity” (Rite of Baptism, 17).
In the case of necessity (e.g., the danger of death), the person who baptizes pours water three times over the candidate’s head, or immerses the candidate three times in water, while simultaneously pronouncing the baptismal formula: “N., I baptize you in the name of the Father (the minster pours water or immerses the first time), and of the Son (the minister pours water or immerses a second time), and of the Holy Spirit (the minister pours water or immerses a third time).” A lay person who administers an emergency baptism must at least have the intention to do what the Church does when baptizing. It is also desirable that, as far as possible, one or two witnesses to the baptism be present.
When baptism has been administered neither by the pastor nor in his presence, the minister of the baptism, whoever that was, must inform the pastor of the parish in whose territory the baptism occurred, so that the pastor may record it in accord with canon 877, §1. - Source

We baptize all the doll children
as soon as they are admitted.


  1. I love that Vatican astronomer in the new "Fargo" television show.


  2. If they are rational, then they are human, and thus could be baptized. But would they need to be?

    What is there to indicate they would have fallen nature?


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